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With TYMO iONIC PLUS, Enjoy Swift, Customized, Glossy Hair Transformation With Unparalleled Efficiency.

Meet TYMO iONIC PLUS, the redefined hair straightening brush. Sporting 200% denser bristles and T-sensor technology, it offers precision heat settings to minimize damage and yield sleek, shiny results. With double-dense bristles and anti-scald design, style transformation happens in half the time, safely. The integrated Ionic System ensures less damage, preserving your hair's natural sheen. With TYMO iONIC PLUS, redefine your hair transformation journey.

TYMO IONIC PLUS hair straightener boasts denser bristles for effective one-pass straightening, allowing it to grasp more hair firmly.
Temp Memory
Led Display
Smart T-sensor
Dual Voltage 100-240V
60 Mins Auto-off
Anti-scald Design


A woman transforms her frizzy curls to sleek and smooth in just 7 minutes with TYMO IONIC PLUS hair brush.
Before-and-after comparison of a woman using TYMO IONIC PLUS to straighten her hair in 10 minutes.
Before-and-after comparison of hair straightening with TYMO IONIC PLUS, highlighting its superior performance achieved in just 15 minutes.
TYMO IONIC PLUS hair straightener is equipped with T-sensor technology and ionic outlet, ensuring precise heat control and minimal damage.


TYMO IONIC PLUS hair straightener features a swivel cord that allows for 360° rotation.
A hand holding TYMO IONIC PLUS hair straightening brush, highlighting its ergonomic design.
TYMO IONIC PLUS hair straightener stands out for its one-pass straightening with denser bristles.
TYMO IONIC PLUS hair brush has 16 temperature settings and is equipped with an LED temperature display to prevent accidental touch.
Comparison between TYMO IONIC PLUS hair brush and other brushes in aspects of straightening efficiency, heat damage, and more.




  • TYMO iONIC PLUS Hair Straightening Brush x1

Note: The default plug of this product is U.S. standard, if you order from other countries, you may need an adapter.

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Healthy Shiny Hair!!!

I just received my Tymo ring plus and am already obsessed! I’ve always loved wearing my hair sleek straight but hated how regular straighteners flattened my hair . With the Tymo ring plus it’s easy to keep my volume while silkening my hair for a smooth frizz free style in just 20 mins max! The shape of the brush makes it easy to lift my roots for extra volume! I love it! I also ordered the Tymo porta plus for my myself and my mom. I can’t wait to try it!

Nadia Salazar
Game changer!

I am thoroughly impressed! This picture is from 4 days after use!

Fast ironing time

I really loved the brush, usually it takes me almost an hour to straighten my hair yet with this brush it took less than 20 minutes, the brush is large enough so I can take huge chunks of hair and speed up the process. When I’m in a rush to go out I know what to grab. Worth the money for sure.

Ijayna Barnes
Witch craft/ Harry Potter hair wand...lol

All jokes aside. This is the best straighten tool ever. It went thru my hair like butter. Took me 15 min tops to finish. As a licensed cosmetologist I give it 10 out of 10 period. Everyone needs one, beginner to pro. Get one ASAP

Used on air dried 3C curls. Woke up with a rats nest, 12 min later it looked amazing!!!!!

First of all I never review products. This one... I had to.
I bought this so I could hopefully wake up in the AM and just straighten my hair without blow drying it.
I washed it before bed... the first pic is how it looks after it air dries with no product in it.
The pic on the right is how it looked after less than 12 min using this.

This is a life changer!! Other things to note--- it has auto off so you don't have to worry when you leave the house. It heats up in about 30 seconds. The device itself is STURDY and well made. It feels more expensive than it was. It was really really easy to use. You can use bigger sections than you would use with a regular straightener. If I had to wash my hair and go out same day I would just blow dry really quick without worrying about round brushes or anything. Just get the hair dry, and use this.

New favorite tool! I am putting away the round brushes....the curling revlon hair dryer (I will use my normal hair dryer now) and the straightener. Invest in a good normal hair dryer (I have the shark it dries my hair in <15 min) and you can go from Wet to straight in less than a half hour. That's huge!

Frequently asked questions

The anti-burning design prevents any burns when it is close to the scalp. The device itself doesn't get hot to the touch.

It often lasts at least 5–6 days, and a significant portion of the lasting effect relies on the conditions and hair quality, according to previous customer feedback and experience.

It saves the most time to start it and heats up in just 30 seconds!

Yes, TYMO iONIC PLUS is designed to work well with all hair lengths. Its T-sensor technology offers precision heat settings to fit different hair lengths and styles.

It definitely works well for you! With its 200% denser bristles and T-sensor technology, the Tymo ionic plus is designed for thick, wavy hair.

It offers 16 heat settings for all hair styles, you may customize specific temperature for your hair type.

No, you won't worry about that! The Tymo iONIC PLUS integrates an ionic system, which ensures less damage and preserves your hair's natural sheen.

Definitely! You can put it in your luggage or bags. The brush is travel-friendly.