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Perfect your daily hairstyles with our premium tools

TYMO RING, PORTA and iONIC MINI hair straighteners, embody elegant design and advanced hair straightening technology.

TYMO Hair Straightener Brushes

The TYMO Hair Straightening Brushes series offers you a choice of the best design and affordable price points for superior straightening action and excellent results that will last and impress. Try out TYMO RING fast hair straightener brush and TYMO RING PLUS negative ion hair straightener brush and TYMO iONIC ionic hair brush for flawless smooth results from roots to ends.

Three distinct TYMO hair curlers presented side by side, illustrating the variety of curling options for different hair types and styles.

TYMO Curling Irons

The Hair Curling Irons series from TYMO offers incredible hi-tech features for easy, affordable and excellent performance when shining and styling your hair. All models include built-in ionic technology to dry hair faster and reduce static and frizz. TYMO AIRFLOW is a curling iron wand with two-in-one action for waves and curls and a 360 air current for fast and efficient styling. TYMO CURLGO cordless automatic curling iron  effortlessly creates frizz-free, shiny curls, TYMO ROTA rotating hair curler is an auto rotation curler with nano- titanium coated barrels.

TYMO AIRHYPE hair dryer and TYMO AIRHYPE COMPACT are presented, showcasing high-end tools for versatile hair styling.

TYMO Hair Dryer & Volumizer Brushes

TYMO Dryers are salon-grade professional dryers with a perfect balance of power, elegance and efficiency for drying and caring for your hair, adding shine and body. TYMO AIRHYPE fast drying hair dryer is compact, high-velocity dryer with negative ion effect to sculpt and style your hair for maximum glamor. TYMO VOLUMIZER brush is a hot air brush with titanium barrel and adjustable heat and speed to add the best lasting volume.

Elegant TYMO SWAY hair straightener with gold-plated plates, designed for creating sleek hairstyles with ease. Elegant TYMO SWAY hair straightener with gold-plated plates, designed for creating sleek hairstyles with ease.

TYMO Straightening Flat Irons

TYMO has designed the best affordable and elegant reliable flat irons to deliver results in the shortest time. Don’t worry about matching your tool to your hair. TYMO loves all hair colours and types: thin, thick, natural, fine, curly, coarse, and more. Multiple temperature, touch control, nano titanium coating, and user-friendly design on all models.

TYMO Professional Hair Styling Tools

TYMO has assembled the leading selection of hair styling products for curly hair, including RING PLUS negative ion hair straightener for superior silk press with ionic treatment and lasting results, and TYMO AIRHYPE diffuser dryer for an incredible diffusion capability to dry and add shine. TYMO styling tools for curly hair let you re-shape and style your curly hair into a new look that will last longer and impress more than any treatment you have tried before.

TYMO has the best selection of salon-grade, affordable hair styling tools for fine hair. Select TYMO AIRFLOW straightener and curler for fine and thin hair, using 360 air current to style and set at the same time. Try TYMO AIRHYPE hair dryer and diffuser for low temperature and high-speed airstream to style and shape your hair, keeping fine hair safe from heat damage.

TYMO has the best affordable & professional hair styling tools for volume, with precise temperature control and user-friendly design for incredible, long-lasting results. Choose TYMO AIRFLOW hair straightener 2 in 1 to create volume for any hair – even short hair – with 360 air flow and 2-in-1 curler and straightener functions. Try TYMO VOLUMIZER hot air hair dryer brush to style safely with adjustable heat and speed settings, with a titanium barrel that generates negative ions and infrared heat that quickly smooths hair and minimizes unwanted frizz.