Styling Tips and Tricks with TYMO iONIC Hair Straightening Brush

Styling Tips and Tricks with TYMO iONIC Hair Straightening Brush

When it comes to straightening your hair, there are several methods of doing it. Some go for chemical treatments and blow-drying, others may like to use a straightening iron. However, all these methods are not only time consuming, but also damaging, specifically, if you are habitual of keeping your hair straight. With the advancement in cosmetic industry, straightening hair has become easier because of the availability of the latest tool in market that is straightening brush. This tool keeps your hair straight, shiny as well as detangles it.

Even though, the hair brush that straightens hair involves heat, but it is much safer as compared to other flat iron options. TYMO iONIC Hair Straightening Brush is the best affordable hair straightener for in-home hair straightening.

The Basics of TYMO iONIC Hair Straightening Brush:

Here are the basics of understanding your straightening brush and how it works on your hair.

What TYMO iONIC Hair Straightening Brush does to your Hair?

The role of this hairbrush is to properly seal your hair cuticles. This leads to reduction in frizz, making your hair more manageable and shiny. This best heated straightening brush is a great tool for those having wavy hair or hair with lots of flyways and frizz. In fact, even if your hair is thick, short, curly or long, you can easily straight your hair using TYMO iONIC. All you need to know is how to use hair straightening brush to style your hair in different ways.

What TYMO iONIC Hair Straightening Brush is made of?

Unlike plastic coated or iron ones, the straightener brush comes with ceramic plates or tourmaline coating. This is because ceramic and Tourmaline heat up quickly as they neutralize flyaways and frizz, making your hair appear smooth and soft. You should consider buying a straightener brush that has boar or nylon bristles. This is because there bristles are very gentle on your scalp and won’t cause breakage of your hair. The TYMO iONIC is the best straightening brush for natural hair, as it is based on advanced ionic technology, it is anti-scald and has an elegant touching feel which makes it so much more comfortable for you to handle this tool as you start straightening your hair.

How to Set Temperature?

This may sound a bit basic for you, but when you unwrap a new hair straightening brush, it may look very simple to use it, but, it is better to thoroughly read the manual that is provided with the hair tool. The brush heats up immediately, as soon as you switch on the button. You do not need to damp your hair, you can use this best ionic hair straightening brush to detangle your hair. This brush is effective on different hair types. Depending on the nature of your hair, set the straightener to the desired temperature and the hair brush straightener for dry hair will do its work remarkably. The best electric hair straightening brush comprises of ‘minus’ and ‘plus’ button that help in the regulation of temperature. If your hair is frizzy, it does not require high temperature, however, if your hair are tangled and hard, you need to press the plus button to increase the temperature.

Step By Step Guide to use the TYMO iONIC Hair Straightening Brush:

Here is step by step guide to use the hairbrush straightener to get a soft, silky, sleek and shiny look.

Step no. 1: Hair Protections

Unlike other straightening irons that are ceramic plated, the best hair straightening brush 2020 actually feel and look like an actual brush. Because it is a heating brush, this keeps your hair static and free of frizz and does not make your hair overly straight. Before you start using fast hair straightener brush, always use heat protection spray. This will keep your hair shielded from potential damage and scorching temperatures.

Step no. 2: Styling Your Hair

As soon as you are done applying heat protection spray, the next step is to style your hair. Plug in the straightener brush and wait until the brush heats up. Meanwhile, part your hair into small sections.

As soon as the brush is ready to use, use it on each section of your hair, starting from the roots, ending at the tips. Keep in mind that the temperature can be extremely high, therefore avoid unwanted burns while styling your hair.

Step no. 3: Setting Your Style

It would not take too long to straight your hair with the best hair straightening brush for curly hair, thanks to this amazing hair tool.  It does not matter your hair is short or long, styling time will not exceed more than 20 minutes and you will be very satisfied with the results.

Now you can style your hair in different ways with this hair brush. How great is that? This TYMO iONIC Hair Straightening Brush for short hair and long hair is simple in term of usage, gives you a perfect look as well as save a lot of time. The best thing about this straightener is you do not have to spend a fortune to have is, as it is budget-friendly.

Styling of your Thick Hair:

Sometimes styling becomes difficult when your hair is too thick, as well as frizzy. In fact, most of the tools do not work on thick hair, thus, giving your hair an untidy look. Now you do not need to worry, as TYMO iONIC is the best straightening brush for thick hair. It perfectly straightens your hair, no matter how thick they are.

Popular Styles to achieve with Hairbrush Straightener

You can use this amazing hair straightening tool to style your hair in a number of ways, such as,if your hair is short, brush it straight, like inward bobs.You can also brush your hair towards the outward side on the tips. In this way, the brush will straighten your hair and also provide volume to it. So what are you waiting for? Grab the best hair straightening brush 2020.

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