TYMO iONIC is the new generation hair straightener you have ever tried. It is designed with MCH + Ionic technologies, anti-scald, and elegant touching feel. Simply brush your hair to straighten them. MCH makes your brush to be ready for use within 30 seconds, while the Ionic technology enhances the result with shinier, silkier effect, and last longer. It provides you a better alternative for straightening hair.


The default plug of this product is U.S. standard, if you order from other countries, you may need an adapter.

    • Advanced ionic generator technology
    • MCH heating technology
    • 30 seconds fast heat up
    • 16 temperature options for different hair types(170-450)
    • Fahrenheit/centigrade display switch
    • 60 minutes auto-off
    • 360° swivel power cord
    • International dual voltage 110-240V
      • Hair straightener X1
      • Travel bag X1
      • Glove X1
      • Hair clips X2

      * The default charging plug of this product is US plug, if you order from other countries, you may need a plug adapter.

      Q:Does this work with wet hair too?
      A:We don't recommend to use it on wet hair, because it would hurt hair when its cuticle is open on wet state. We suggest you drying the hair before using.

      Q:How to clean this brush?
      A:Here is the Care & Cleaning Instructions below.
      -- Before you do anything to the appliance, please make sure that it is unplugged and completely cooled down.
      -- Dampen a soft cloth, rag, or paper towel with warm water, wipe the bristles and the base of the comb, removing any dust or old hair. And then use dry cloth to wipe it until its dry.
      -- Please keep it away from humid places, and do not put it in dishwasher or microwave.
      -- Please do not immerse the appliance in the water.
      -- Please do not use any corrosive or volatile detergent to clean the appliance.
      Q:Does it have an automatic shut off?
      A:Yes,after 60 minutes working, it will be switched off automatically.

      Q: What is the plug standard of this product? 
      A: The plug is US standard only. You may need an appropriate adaptor to the standard of destination country.

      Q:Does this make your hair smell burnt?
      A:No. You can vary the temperature and it is recommended to start as low as possible and increase until you get the results you want. I have thick, long hair so I find 370 degrees does what I need. Also make sure hair is completely dry. I would think some products might give off a burnt smell so try a styling product that is meant for high heat.

      Q:How long is the cord?
      A:The cord is around 8 feet.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 78 reviews
      Alexandra Owoeye
      Get it!

      This works well for me and my 4 year old daughter. My daughter's hair is straightened in less than 10 min.

      If you're thinking about it...get it.

      I have very thick, medium-length, type 3c/4a hair. I haven't applied heat to my hair since 2015 because of extensive heat damage. After cutting it all off and growing it back, I never had any interest in straightening it again. However, I wanted to experiment with some different looks for my wedding and decided to have a go at a straight look. I saw an add for the Tymo and decided to try it out after watching some YouTube reviews.

      1.This device is EXTREMELY easy to use.
      2. If you have hair like mine, you can achieve a blown-out look in less than an hour. It used to take me a minimum of 2 hours to get my hair blow-dried and straightened by a hairdresser. On my first attempt, I was able to straighten my entire head in 25 minutes.
      3. Without really trying too hard to maintain it, my hair stayed straight (without frizz) for a week.
      4. By angling the brush in certain ways, you can achieve slight waves.
      5. I had no visible heat damage despite having to use the highest heat setting (450°F).

      1. The only issue I had with this device was cleaning it. I used heat protectant on my hair prior to straightening it, and there was a lot of product build-up on the base and between the bristles. I had a hard time getting it out because the rigidity of the bristles makes it difficult to get the cloth as close to the base as you'd like.

      I would highly recommend the Ionic Brush for anyone who has thick, coarse hair like mine. I am very pleased with this purchase.

      I forgot to take a before photo so the after may not be very helpful if you wanted to see the full transformation, but you can take my word for it.

      Ayesha Hashmi
      Excellent Time saving Product

      My hair, they are like super curly and long. Normally it would take me almost an hour to straighten my hair but with this product, i could do them in half an hour or even less. The results are amazing. Totally Recommended

      Ann m

      I have natural curly, course very thick hair. I have tried EVERYTHING to straighten my hair. Flat irons, straightening brushes, chemicals straighten my hair. I have always never liked the way my hair felt after using all of the straighteners. They were dry and my hair would tangle so bad. Today I finally got my Tymo brush and of course ran into the bathroom to use it. I am totally amazed! I swipe threw my hair, and it was straight! That NEVER happens! It is not dry and no tangles!!!! Thank you TYMO!!!!


      One of my friends has been using this hair comb straighter for 2 months, and she told me it’s 100% worth buying, especially for someone with wavy and frizzy hair like me, so I bought it 3 weeks ago. This little pretty stuff helped me far exceeded my expectations!!!It works as good as a traditional flat iron but seems to cause less hair damage and gives a more natural look. And thank god, it saves me hours!! What’s great about this straightener is that its unique safety design. There is a frame separating the heating core from the scalp, so it only heats hair inside the comb while insulates my skin from the heat. Love it!!!

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