Unlock TYMO Hair Straightener Fam!

Unlock TYMO Hair Straightener Fam!

Ready for sleekness and frizzy-free straight hair during the season of transformation? TYMO Hair Straightener Fam awaits you!

Shiny straight hair is always effortlessly gorgeous. It’s beautiful on its own with greatly reflective natural shine and very versatile for hairstyling. From ultra-sleek to aesthetically undone, make your straight strands stand out from the crowd with TYMO. Here we will unlock TYMO Hair Straightener Fam and help you to choose the one that works best for you!

1. Never miss the most trendy Hair Straightener – TYMO RING Hair Straightening Comb

Looking for the most trustworthy and classic Hair Straightener? TYMO RING would be your first choice with optimal feedback and numerous online reviews since it’s been topped the selling list for over two years and ranked No.1 in U.S AMAZON !

Featuring PTC Heating Technology, 60 seconds fast heat up, automatic constantly even heat distribution, no more worries for hair damage and breakage.

Anti-scalding design with 25 ceramic heating pieces, more efficient and save 50% time for your hair styling.

2-IN-1 – TYMO RING works perfectly for all hair textures, can also create inward & outward flip straight hairstyles and beach waves. 

The TYMO RING Collection is designed in comb shape with deeper and denser teeth that can well hold and define your hair and works perfectly for all hair types and lengths including short hair. 

If you are a fan of pink romance, TYMO RING PINK will enhance your hairstyling experience filled with more cute vibes, as powerful as the classic TYMO RING.

Looking for more? Choose TYMO RING PLUS - the upgraded version of our most beloved hair straightener that delivers styling personalization like never before!

Built-in Ionic System delivers smooth, shiny results and less damage in a single pass.

Nano Titanium Coating & 9 Temp Settings, TYMO RING PLUS flexibly adjusts heat to your unique profile, based on your hair texture, length, and color treatments.


2.What’s the most iconic hair straightener? Say YES to TYMO iONIC

With the built-in ionic technology, TYMO iONIC can emit millions of negative ions to add moisture and shine to your strands. As you pass this straightener over your layers, the negative ions cancel out the positive ones. Your hair cuticle lays flat and can be re-sealed, so as a result, you'll see a major reduction in frizz. On contact with the H2O molecules in your strands, the ions break them up into smaller pieces and allow the water to evaporate faster. 

What’s more? TYMO iONIC specially designed in innovative Air Sandwich Structure - the teeth of the brush featured with a wider comb pitch, make it perform quite well when taking care longer hair and bigger volume with long-lasting results.

3. The one-stop and favorite flat iron - TYMO SWAY 

TYMO SWAY is a nice introductory iron that is priced reasonably and provides a nice finish to the hair. We choose titanium – a strong, durable metal best suited for professional salon use. The material can heat evenly, which allows for fewer passes over the hair and gives much better results than other materials.

Equipped with MCH heating technology and flexible 3D floating plates, TYMO SWAY can not only straighten your hair without tugging but also be a flexible hair curler and a perfect hairstyling companion during vacation – portable, cute, and powerful. 

Beauties, have you decided which one to go with the magic TYMO HAIR STRAIGHTENER FAM? TYMO is the secret to achieving SLEEK, LUCKY, LONG-LASTING STYLE for each occasion during the holiday season, dress up, makeup and style up with us! 

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