6 Benefits of Styling Hair with TYMO Ring Hair Straightener

TYMO Hair Straightening Brush

Going to a party, dinner, or even casual dining out – the look remains incomplete without perfectly done hair. Whilst some prefer wavy or curly, most wish to possess straight hair. However, the thought of sitting in front of the mirror, straightener in hand, and tugging away at the hair seems too big of an effort. It feels like a lot of time wasted, which could have been spent elsewhere fruitfully. TYMO Ring can solve all kinds of hairstyling woes. Let's introduce the 6 Benefits of Styling Hair with TYMO Ring Hair Straightener.


1. Suitable for all hair types and lengths, the TYMO Ring allows just that.

With TYMO Ring, straightening the hair has never felt a more easier feat. Has anyone ever imagined they could straighten their hair whilst simply brushing through it? With its anti-scald design, it allows the twirled bristles to go through till the roots of the hair, and straighten from scalp forth. Unlike other ordinary hair straighteners, the distinctive quality of the TYMO Ring is its idea of protectiveness. Neither does the heat harm the hair, and nor the scalp, despite going through to the roots. As a safe device, it proves immensely beneficial for the hair.

2. Another quality of the TYMO Ring is its varying heat levels.

With an international dual voltage of 110-240V, there are 5 different levels of heat; ranging from 266℉ to 410℉. In case one possesses slightly wavy hair, they can opt for the lowest level. Whilst much curlier hair calls for higher heat levels. Thus making it suitable for all kinds of hair. The ring merely takes 60 seconds to heat up, its light flashing until its red hot (not literally, of course). Compare the long warming periods of the ordinary straightener, with only 60 seconds of the TYMO ring, and the difference is evident. For each higher heat level, another light pops up. Which means, in case one is operating at the third level, three round white lights are bound to glow on the ring handle. This also makes it easier to keep tabs on the amount of heat being supplied to the hair – for protective purposes.


3. To enhance the straightening functions of the Ring, and make it easier and faster – the device is best used on dry hair.

In case of wet hair, there is the possibility of hurting open hair cuticles. Thus dry hair are always recommended for a better effect. With a 360° swivel power cord, the straightening process becomes easier since one does not need to keep turning sides, or hands. The Ring does all that, and more at its own.

4. Any hairstyling with TYMO Ring

For people with hairstyling woes, the need to buy different appliances for different hairstyles has always been troubling. Be it getting a casual blow dry, or perfectly sleek and straight hair, making hair styles with the flat iron are usually difficult, and time consuming. If someone wishes for outwardly curls at the ends of the hair, they can do just that. Simply push the end strands through the rings of the device in an outwardly bent fashion, and voila – beautifully styled hair is bound to capture everyone’s attention.

5. For those who do not have a lot of time to style their hair, the TYMO Ring comes as a blessing in disguise.

Not only does it produce fast results, it also produces results of quality. The hair is left sleek, straight and incredibly shiny. One could definitely be mistaken for using hair shine, as the hair glistens beautifully in the distance. Unlike other usual hair care appliances, this one takes the ‘care’ aspect very seriously. Thereby ensuring least damage to the hair. The hair is left looking more voluminous than before, a unique characteristic seldom found in hair straighteners. The hair also feels super soft after use, so much so that one could never imagine heat application could result in such healthy, and soft looking hair. Alongside enhancing the original features of the hair, the device also inculcates newer qualities in the hair – making it stand out of a wide array of hair straighteners.


6. Safe.

Wherever there is heat, there is the need for care, and TYMO Ring ensures protection for the user in all such circumstances. Many women switch on straighteners, and get busy in household work – thereby forgetting the straightener was left for warming up. Or, there are people who leave their homes in a hurry after doing their hair, and forget to switch the hair devices off. The TYMO Ring also takes such people in consideration, because to forget, is to be human. In such circumstances, there is a 30 minute auto power off function, in-built the Ring. Even if someone forgets to switch it off, there is less chance of any hazard, or heat-related accident. Whilst to protect the user’s hands, gloves are provided alongside for protection from heat.

The TYMO Ring is a must-have innovation on the dresser of every girl who loves dressing up. Worried about portability of the Ring during travel? The TYMO Hair Straightening Brush has that covered too, with a travel bag, and complimentary hair clips.

Find the best Hair Straightener at TYMO. Styling hair, has never seemed easier.


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