Why TYMO RING is BEST for Hair Straightening

TYMO Hair Straightening Brush

Hair straightening is the passion of girls now a day. No doubt the smooth and silky are in trend. But the main problem is to decide what straightening tools you are going to use? In recent years, hair straightening combs are getting famous among hair stylists. In this article, you will know everything about the new product of TYMO company: TYMO RING.

TYMO RING is the latest hair straightening product and of course the best one you will ever use. It gives you smooth, silky hair. I have personally tried many hairs straightening combs, but in the end, they made my hair look frizzy. The frizzy hairs look so bad when you go for an open hairstyle. So, I always wanted to get the best hair comb that can detangle and smooth my hair at the same time. I use this hair straightening tool and I was surprised to see that It worked into the root of the hair.

Key Features of TYMO RING Hair Straightening Comb

Wide Temperature Range

    It shows digitally what is the temperature of your tool. It has 5 different temperature levels depend upon the condition of your hair. The temperature of the TYMO RING ranges from the lowest 266℉ to the highest 410℉. This is a pretty cool option to get silky smooth and sleek hair.


      The TYMO RING comb automatically switched off after 30 minutes if you are not using it. Well, it is best because sometimes you may forget to switch off your hair comb.

      The Heat up Speed

        Some of the hair straightening tools too much time to heat up. On the other hand, TYMO RING takes only 60 seconds to heat up. This is a very quick pace and the best one.


          The voltage range is internationally dual 110-240 V.

          How TYMO RING is the Best Hair Straightening Comb?

          • TYMO RING has been used by many hair stylists and gave the best results. No matter, what is typically a condition of your hair, it works at its best. You can convert your frizzy, tangled, wavy, curly, thick, thin, dyed, or bleached, hair to smooth, shiny,and silky hair by Tymo Ring. It provides an extensive range of temperature levels so; you can use it freely for all types of hairs.
          • It is anti-scalped and causes no damage to your hair roots. All the other hair tools can damage your roots and heat your scalp and it is painful. But, TYMO RING lets you enjoy the hair straightening without any fear of burning and flames. If even the teeth of the brush touch your scalp, you feel nothing. This is due to the safe zone of 0.2 between the comb core and your surface. It has a very unique design as compared to the other tools.
          • You can get any type of hairstyle by freely twisting the core of the TYMO RING. There is no restriction because the cord can move 360° and very fine to use. It is the hair comb for everyone in the family with no exception to children. You can use it for the beard too.

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