TYMO Ring Review - Best Hair Straightening Brush of 2021

TYMO Hair Straightening Brush

Hair straightening is mostly the passion of girls with rough, curly, wavy, or frizzy hair. We all love to have smooth and silky hair. To make it possible, usually, we go the saloon for the best kind of hair straightening. But, hair straighteners have made it easy for us. Nowadays, we have plenty of options, and hair straightening brushes are at the top. People think of them as the typical hairbrush shaped gadget with wire, and it is right for some brushes too.

Well, I am a girl with extremely curly hair. I searched deeply and used much hair straightening flat irons and brushes. I always wanted the sleek and smooth hair at the end. But honestly speaking, it was just a dream. Because after some hours of straightening, my hair became frizzy and dry. The started to look worse. I decided to find the best straightening brush for my hair.

One day I was exploring the internet for the best brushes when I saw the YouTube video of Julissa Guillen about the testing of TYMO Ring Hair Straightening Brush on curly hair. First of the name of the straightening brush attracted me, and when I read the curly hair, I decided to watch it. I watched it, and I was stunned to see that the TYMO Ring was just a miracle. I finally ordered it, and now I am here to share my honest review with you about the best hair straightening brush of 2020 - TYMO Ring.

TYMO Ring Review:


What is TYMO Ring?

Straightener always takes time to reach the roots of air and takes much time to straighten hair. You have to wait for the right temperature, and then making parts of the hair. Well, it is lengthy and troublesome. TYMO hair straightening brush is the perfect solution for it. So, finally, it is time to say goodbye to the hair straighteners.

TYMO Ring has a patent design with triangle heating teeth that help you to straighten your hair quickly. You get your hair done in just one go. That’s fantastic. It saves you time and much convenient to use. Even the girls with extremely curly hair like me can get the dead straight hair with just combing the hair with TYMO Ring. It is a significant relief for all of the girls like me. The superior technology of the TYMO Ring locks the dead straight hair t their place, and you get the sleek hair after hours. This thing made me love it more.

TYMO Ring is here with a lot of advanced and unique features that include the 360 swivel cord, five temperature levels, and the anti-scald technology to save your skin from brining. These features work in coordination to give you your desired hair without the hassle. I am clearly and honestly saying that there is no need to visit the salon if you have TYMO Ring a home. Your dream is in your hands now. Now let me tell you the advantages of having a TYMO Ring.

Advantages of TYMO Ring: 

1.   360-degree swivel cord: 

I always wanted the straightening gadget that can help me to straight my inaccessible hair strands. But most of the time, the cord of straighteners only moves in two directions or one. So, I have to suffer a lot to get my hair done. Well, it is not the problem now. TYMO Ring has a cord with a 360-degree swivel cord. Now time to get access to the most difficult strands of your hair. Just comb your hair with it and get your hair done with the perfect touch. If you are worried about the cord tangling, it is not a problem for the cord of the TYMO Ring. Because it does not get tangled when you use it in the first place.

2.   Anti-Scald Technology: 

It happened to me any time during the use of hair straightening flat irons that I burned my ear or scalp. Well, getting burn with this type of straighteners is a common problem. Well, it is not an issue anymore with the TYMO Ring brush. All the credit goes to the patent design, V shape of TYMO Ring, and the triangle-shaped teeth. The material of the TYMO Ring is also flame resistant. Well, if there is any excess heating issue, the heat lock feature of the TYMO Ring can decrease it instantly. So, you can use it without any worry of burning. It is entirely safe to use, and there is no burning issue anymore by the hair straightener brush.

3.   Different Heating Temperatures:

The temperature setting is the best feature of the TYMO Ring. During hair straightening, we all need the perfect temperature setting for our hair. You need to straight every single strand of your hair. Well, the TYMO Ring has the temperature range of different five levels so you can set it according to your air type. The temperature level is from 266 F to 410 F. it is quite easy to set the perfect temperature for your hair, so each strand becomes smooth. For the extremely curly and frizzy hair like me, you should go for the highest temperature

Pro Tips: 

  • Before straightening your hair with the TYMO Ring, you should read the manual instructions. If you do not know how to use it correctly, it can damage your hair. Well, I will recommend combing your hair before using it. In this way, it will not pull out the strand of your hair.
  • To get the more shine and sleek hair, apply some hair straightening serum before using the TYMO Ring. It will give you an appealing look.
  • TYMO Ring takes some time to cool down after the use. So, after the use, do not pack it instantly and allow it to cool off. So, let it to and then wrap it again.

Final Verdict:

It does not matter what type of hair you have at the end of the process; you will get the sleek hair. The frizzy, curly, and wavy hair type will become dead straight without much effort. The shape of the TYMO Ring and the design of the teeth helps to divide hair into small portions and straight each hair completely. Well, at the end of straightening, you will get the shiny, sleek, and voluminous hair.

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