Top Men's Medium-Length Hairstyles for 2024

Top Men's Medium-Length Hairstyles

2024 is seeing shoulder-grazing locks gain serious traction. This trend allows men to experiment with slightly longer lengths while avoiding high-maintenance styling. When chosen well, medium-length cuts bring out natural texture, add depth and dimension, and enable effortless styling versatility from day to night.


Popular Men's Medium-Length Hairstyles for 2024

These trending medium-length hairstyles for men offer versatility for every face shape, hair texture, and personal style:

The Modern Shag

Channel rockstar edge with a razored shag cut featuring layered locks that graze the shoulders. This intentionally messy style looks perfectly imperfect when paired with the product for texture. It suits oval face shapes and naturally wavy or curly hair best.


Windblown Waves

Effortlessly cool windblown waves are having a moment. This medium beach hair look features lots of texture and movement. Use sea salt spray when styling to enhance natural waves. It works well with rounder face shapes and medium to thick hair textures.


Textured French Crop

The French crop gets an upgrade to medium length in 2024. Featuring short sides and back blended with textured length and fringe on top, it's an edgy yet refined style. Use matte clay to add flexible hold and definition. It flatters heart-shaped faces and straight hair beautifully.


Slicked-Back Undercut

The classically masculine slicked-back undercut modernizes through expanded length up top swept cleanly off the face. Keep the nape and sides closely cropped for dramatic contrast. It suits square face shapes and is ideal for thick, straight hair types wanting a bold look.


Shoulder-Grazing Flow

Guys are embracing longer hair in 2024. This style features uniform shoulder-length locks with subtly layered ends for movement. Let your natural texture shine through by air drying and using minimal product. An oval face shape best balances this longer style.


Textured Topknot Bun

This casually polished style sweeps medium-length hair cleanly off the face into a messy topknot bun, contrasted by clipped sides and back. Use strong-hold hair spray to set the voluminous topknot. Pair with casual or professional attire. It works well with diamond face shapes and all hair textures


Styling Tips for Shoulder-Length Haircuts

Maintenance is essential for keeping medium-length hair looking its best. Follow these daily styling tips:

Wash Strategically

Shampoo every 2-3 days using moisture-rich formulas to avoid drying out mid-length hair. Rinse with cool water to seal the cuticle and retain shine.

Nourish Regularly

Replenish hydration and strength twice a week with a nourishing hair mask. Concentrate from mid-shaft down to the ends, where hair tends to be most porous.

Don't Skimp on Conditioner

Generously apply conditioner from roots to ends after shampooing. Allow it to soak for 2-3 minutes before rinsing to guarantee hydration distribution into the hair shaft.

Limit Heat Styling

Allow hair to air dry naturally whenever possible between washes. This prevents unnecessary heat damage from excessive blow drying or hot tool use which dries locks.

Prep with Protectants

Before heat styling, prep damp hair with a thermal protectant. This nourishes strands while shielding them from breakage up to 450℉ high heat.

Invest in Quality Tools

Using thoughtfully designed, salon-quality styling tools like the TYMO RING hair straightening comb or TYMO PORTA protects hair integrity while enabling versatile styling. Their breakthrough technologies deliver professional results without damage.

considering high quality tools for your medium length hair

Don't Skimp on trimmings

Schedule trims every 8 weeks to eliminate split ends, which can travel up the hair shaft causing increased tangles, reduced shine, and breakage if left unchecked.


Common Mistakes to Avoid with Medium-Length Hair

While experimenting with new medium-length styles, steer clear of these common pitfalls:


Excessive shampooing strips essential oils causing dryness, tangling, and hair fall. Stick to an every 2-3 day hair wash regimen.

Rubbing Wet Hair Aggressively

Vigorously towel drying creates friction damage. Instead, gently blot damp hair to absorb excess moisture after washing before combing through the conditioner.

Delaying Trims

Putting off regular trims allows split ends to travel up the length causing extensive breakage. Schedule trims every 8 weeks.

Using Old Brushes and Combs

Worn-down bristles and tines damage and tear hair over time. Replace brushes and combs every 6 months for gentle, even styling.

Overdoing Hot Tools

Excessive heat tool use risks drying out hair leading to brittleness and loss of shine. Allow natural drying whenever possible and prep with thermal protectant beforehand.

Rubber Banding Wet Hair

Tightly ponytailing or burning sopping wet hair stresses and stretches strands once dry causing breakage. Tie up damp or dry hair using gentle hair ties like scrunchies.

Skipping Deep Conditioning

Hydrating only during washes isn't enough for parched mid-length strands. Regularly treat hair with deep conditioning masks focusing on dry ends.



The influx of trending medium-length cuts grants guys endless options for updating their signature style this year ranging from rock n' roll shags to sleek pompadours to effortless surfer locks.

Remember-finding the right shoulder-length look depends on choosing a style to flatter your face shape and natural texture. Styling seamlessly boils down to high-quality tools, the right products, and vigilant maintenance care too.

Once you discover your perfect medium-length match, have fun experimenting with versatile styling from prim and polished to ruggedly handsome. This covetable length frees guys to finally grow out their mane while infusing looks with depth and dimension for that untamed yet still refined signature style.

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