How to get loose curls or waves with a curler?

Achieve perfect loose curls or waves with a hair curler.

Getting those perfect loose curls or waves with a curler should feel as effortless as it looks. Everyone dreams of having soft, bouncy curls that just fall right, but let's be honest—avoiding crispy ringlets or annoying tangles is no small feat, even for the pros. Luckily, using the right tools and mastering a few key techniques can make crafting that casually perfect texture a whole lot simpler.

Imagine a curling iron that not only guards against hair damage but also helps you nail that curl definition every time. Thanks to built-in ionic technology and a nano titanium barrel, a top-quality curling iron like TYMO's can cut styling-induced breakage by half. That means not only will your curls look good, they’ll feel healthier and softer too. It’s about turning your home into a mini salon where flawless waves are just a curl away.


What You Need to Know Before You Start

Before curling, consider hair type and tool variables that affect outcomes. Thick, coarse hair requires higher heat settings for meaningful hold than fine strands, getting ample curl just above 300 °F. Clean hair holds shapes better as natural oils weigh down sculpting. Also, loose waves demand larger barrels—at least 1.25 inches—to wrap broader sections, creating that tousled movement.

Match your curler's features to unique hair needs and style goals to ensure suitable heat, barrel size, and care for gorgeous results. In this moment, the TYMO CURLGO is an excellent choice.


Step-By-Step Guide: How To Get Loose Curls

After choosing the TYMO CURLGO, an intelligent auto-curler, follow these steps for flawless loose curls:


Woman using TYMO Curlgo hair curler


Step 1: Prep Your Hair

Start by applying a thermal protectant to damp hair. This minimizes potential heat damage while the T-Gloss Ceramic Barrel ensures smooth curls without frizz. Rough dry your hair to about 80% dryness, focusing on the roots. The slight dampness helps set your waves more effectively.

Step 2: Section Your Hair

Divide your hair into neat, manageable horizontal sections. TYMO CURLGO works well with all hair lengths and types, allowing for clear, spiral wrapping motions. For best results, section long hair into at least six layers for soft curls.

Step 3: Curling

Hold the TYMO CURLGO vertically near the roots and let its automatic mechanism wrap your hair around the heated barrel. The device’s quick 60-second heat-up time and consistent temperature create lasting curls in just 15 minutes, with no risk of tangling thanks to the anti-detangle sensor.

Step 4: Setting the Curls

Once a section is curled, allow it to cool for about 30 seconds. Then, gently finger-comb through the curls to loosen them into uniform waves with bounce and movement. The negative ions released by the barrel enhance shine and reduce frizz, keeping the curls lustrous for up to a week.

Step 5: Final Touches

Apply a lightweight conditioning cream or an anti-frizz serum to define and scrunch the curls gently, enhancing their natural bounce and shine. The T-Gloss Ceramic Coating keeps curls intact for up to 48 hours.

Step 6: Final Styling

Allow your curls to fully set by air drying for an additional 10 minutes. If any spirals tighten too much at the scalp, gently massage the roots to add volume and separate the layers with your fingertips.


How to Enhance Your Curls into Soft Waves

For looser waves rather than distinct spring coils, a few refinements boost undulation:

After curling, let sections cool while winding them loosely onto a second barrel without applying hot pressure. This softens the bend into an oval for uniform ribbon-like textures rather than concentric rings. Unwrap gently in the direction of the wave to encourage its shape to blend with other layers. Repeat for all sections, permitting the curls to redirect against the secondary curler without adding excess heat to the curled hair.


TYMO Curlgo hair curler and wavy hair results

Misting texturizing beach wave sprays as each layer sets also coaxes definition into relaxed oscillation. First, scrunch some lightweight mousse into mid-lengths to ends, focusing formulas on the areas needing extra suppleness while avoiding heavier products on roots. This allows excellent lift at the crown yet controls wave shape further below.


Tips for Maintaining Your Curls Longer

A few product and handling guidelines sustain perfect curls as long as possible:


  • Refresh slept-on curls with a curl reviver spray. Apply to dry hair, then diffuse roots, adding volume. Scrunch ends or twist longer layers around fingers, reshaping relaxed pieces for lively bounce.
  • Protect any heat-free second-day waves with TYMO Treatment hair oil. It helps repel humidity and seal in shine and suppleness without weighing down the look. Focus spraying mid-lengths, avoiding the roots for lift.
  • Wrap hair gently in a silk scarf or bonnet when sleeping since cotton fibers absorb moisture, compromising curl coherence. Slip one under regular pillowcases to reduce friction, inviting frizz.
  • Avoid touching dry, curled hair to limit the natural oil transfer from fingers that causes clumping and drooping. Let lengths flow freely without raking hands repeatedly through finished styles.


Common Mistakes to Avoid When Curling Your Hair

When attempting loose curls initially, novice errors happen, but avoiding certain pitfalls sets up success:


  • Don't skimp on thermal protection before exposing damp hair to high heat, which risks brittle, broken strands. Spritz thoroughly and allow to penetrate for 60 seconds first.
  • Don't immediately brush out ringlets right after unclamping irons since they require cooling completely first to lock in the shape. Finger comb only after a full cool-down.
  • Don't sweat minor frizzies or loose pieces. Embrace the effortlessly imperfect vibe! Pin back only errant strands that compromise your gorgeous natural texture.
  • Don't pile on heavy styling products, which weigh down roots essential for lift and movement. Embrace gravity-defying volume!
Close-up of TYMO Airflow hair curler

Let the right curler tools optimized for wave creation and smart handling techniques take your glam to new levels!



For sensational hair that embraces its natural beauty, a salon-worthy curler makes flawless soft curls easily possible anytime inspiration strikes! Brands like innovative TYMO optimize high-performance elements, from a unique floating V-shaped opening to ionic ceramic protective tech, putting touchable texture and dazzling radiant shine always within reach. Master simple best practices and the right curler, delivering versatile results that suit a lifetime of striking styles!

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