What Should I Put on My Hair Before Flat Ironing?

Girls considering what to put on hair before flat ironing

What should I apply on my hair before flat ironing? Well, this is a question that many ask before their styling routine. And rightly so! Protecting your hair before subjecting it to heat styling tools is important for maintaining its health and vitality. High temperatures from flat irons and other styling devices can strip away moisture and weaken the hair shaft, leading to damaged hair.


By applying protective products before styling, you create a barrier that shields your hair from the heat, minimizing the risk of harm. TYMO understands the importance of maintaining hair health while achieving your desired style. With a dedication to innovation and quality, we offer advanced tools and solutions designed to prioritize the well-being of your hair without compromising on style.


This article will help you learn how you can effectively protect your hair and the essential steps to follow when using heat styling tools.


Understanding the Impact of Heat on Your Hair


Using heat to style our hair has become almost second nature for a lot of us, but it's super important to understand how too much heat can actually harm our hair. Tools like blow dryers, straighteners, and curlers crank up the temperature, which can open up the protective outer layer of our hair, known as the cuticle. This lets all the moisture escape and weakens the hair's structure.


Hair becomes severely frizzy after heat damage


If you start noticing your hair has split ends, feels drier than usual, looks dull, or you're seeing more breakage and shedding, or even your color fading, these could be signs that your hair is pleading for a break from the heat. Repairing heat-damaged hair can be a tough journey, so the goal is really to nip that damage in the bud and focus on keeping your hair protected.


Key Ingredients for Heat Protection


If you're someone who enjoys styling your hair with hot tools but worries about the damage they can cause, you're not alone! Hot tools can leave your hair feeling dry, frizzy, and damaged if not properly prepared. That's where natural heat protectants come in handy. These protectants not only shield your hair during styling but also enhance its shine, softness, and manageability. So, if you're wondering, "What should I put on my hair before flat ironing?" Here are options to try.


  • Propolis: This natural compound produced by bees serves as a powerful antibacterial shield for their hives. It protects hair from heat damage and sun exposure while improving texture and preventing breakage.


  • Grapeseed Oil: Ideal for thicker, coarser hair, grapeseed oil has a high smoke point and conditions hair while protecting it from heat damage.


  • Honey: Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, honey repairs and protects hair while maintaining moisture balance and elasticity.


Honey as ingredients of heat protectant


  • Argan Oil: Rich in nutrients, argan oil strengthens hair and shields it from sun and heat damage.


  • Avocado Oil: Protecting against both heat and UV damage, avocado oil nourishes and repairs hair, enhancing softness and shine.


  • Almond Oil: With a high smoke point, almond oil nourishes and strengthens hair, promoting resilience and preventing breakage.


  • Castor Oil: Nourishing and reparative, castor oil shields hair from heat, alleviates dryness, and reduces frizz and split ends.


  • Coconut Oil: With its conditioning properties, coconut oil seals and repairs hair, resulting in smoother, frizz-resistant strands.


Coconut Oil as ingredients of heat protectant


  • Shea Butter: Known for its skin benefits, shea butter acts as a natural heat protectant, smoothing hair cuticles and protecting against heat damage.


TYMO's Solutions for Heat Styling Protection


Many styling products flooding the market have fallen short of delivering the desired results, leaving consumers searching for better solutions. In response, TYMO decided to design its own line of innovative hair styling tools that meet the expectations of consumers.


Take, for example, TYMO RING PLUS, a 2-in-1 straightener and hairstyle brush that offers salon-grade results with its nine temperature settings and LED display. It also has an anti-scald shell that ensures safety while achieving stunning, frizz-free styles. Additionally, TYMO SWAY emerges as a premium flat iron collection featuring nano titanium plates and MCH technology for fast heating and ultra-smooth outcomes.


TYMO Ring series Hair Straightener


Designed with motion control and other user-friendly features, TYMO's solutions perfectly complement the natural and synthetic ingredients essential for heat protection, ensuring both efficiency and hair health.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing Your Hair for Flat Ironing with TYMO


Follow this step-by-step guide to ensure you achieve the perfect straightened look


Step 1: Prep for Straight Hair in the Shower

Begin by using smoothing shampoo and conditioner to moisturize your hair. Gently comb the conditioner through with a paddle brush, then pat your hair dry with a soft towel to avoid enhancing natural curls. Opt for a microfiber towel for sleeker strands.


Step 2: Rough Dry Your Hair

Minimize damage from the blow dryer by rough drying your hair until it's 80% dry. Keep the nozzle facing downwards to prevent frizz. Consider using a boar bristle and nylon mix brush to smooth and polish your hair.


Step 3: Apply Thermal Protection to Your Hair

Before flat ironing, apply a heat protectant gel or serum evenly throughout your damp hair using a comb to ensure even distribution.

Now, let's move on to creating a perfectly straightened look with your TYMO flat iron:


Step 4: Let Your Flat Iron Heat Up

Turn on your desired TYMO flat iron tool and allow it to heat up. Adjust the heat setting based on your hair type and condition.


A smiling girl holding TYMO hairstyling tools


Step 5: Section Your Hair

Divide your hair into manageable sections using clips, ensuring each section is about 1-2 inches thick. Clip each section out of the way as you work.


Step 6: Start with the Roots

Begin straightening at the roots, positioning the flat iron about an inch away from your scalp for an even result.


Step 7: Clamp Down on the Iron

Gently clamp the flat iron down on your hair, ensuring the heated pads are touching the hair without pressing too tightly to avoid crimping.


Step 8: Run the Flat Iron Down Your Hair

Smoothly run the flat iron down each section of hair in a fluid motion to straighten it evenly. Avoid holding the flat iron in one spot for too long to prevent heat damage.


Step 9: Repeat the Straightening Process

Repeat the straightening process on each section of hair until it's as straight as desired, adjusting the heat setting as needed. Be cautious of steam, which is normal, but stop immediately if you smell burning hair.


Step 10: Work on the Next Hair Section

Move the straightened hair out of the way and unclip a new section to work on, ensuring a systematic approach from one side of your head to the other.


Common Mistakes to Avoid


Avoid these common mistakes to ensure a smooth and successful flat ironing experience


  1. Trying to Flat Iron Unruly Hair: Instead of attempting to straighten unruly hair directly, blow dry it first to achieve a smoother texture. Flat ironing hair that's not adequately prepped will require excessive heat and won't hold the style for long, leading to potential damage.
  2. Too Many Passes: Striking the right balance is crucial when it comes to the number of passes with the flat iron. Avoid going too fast or too slow. A moderate pace allows for precision and ensures that you can easily go back over any missed spots without causing excessive heat buildup or risking damage.
  3. Starting in the Front: Begin flat ironing from the back of your head to get a feel for the hair and determine the required heat level. This approach helps ensure a smoother process when you reach the front, avoiding potential mishaps.
  4. Not Getting Really Close to Your Roots: Ensure that you get close to the roots while flat ironing to prevent them from becoming frizzy. Neglecting the roots can lead to frizz spreading downwards, ruining your straightened look.
  5. Using the Wrong Pressure: Find the right balance of pressure when using the flat iron. Press firmly enough to straighten the hair effectively but not so hard that the iron gets stuck. Using excessive pressure can lead to damage due to overheating.
  6. Not Using a Comb: Instead of using your hand, use a comb while flat ironing to keep the hair straight and prevent tangling. Placing the comb before the flat iron ensures that the hair is properly flattened before it undergoes heat treatment.
  7. Using the Wrong Heat Setting: Choose the appropriate heat setting for your hair type to avoid damage. Fine hair requires lower temperatures, while coarse hair needs higher ones. Consider individual differences, such as curling iron vs straight fine hair iron, when determining the optimal temperature.
  8. Ironing Huge Sections: Opt for manageable section sizes, ideally around an inch thick. Ironing larger sections may result in uneven straightening.
  9. Not Using Heat Protector: Always use a heat protector before flat ironing to avoid damaged hair. Heat protector coats the hair, creating a protective barrier that activates under heat, resulting in shinier and healthier-looking hair.




It is important to prioritize your hair care before subjecting it to heat styling, such as using a flat iron. By taking simple steps like applying heat protectants and following proper techniques, you can maintain the health and integrity of your hair while achieving the desired look.


TYMO products offer innovative solutions specifically designed to safeguard your hair during heat styling, ensuring optimal results without compromising on health. With features like anti-scald shells and advanced heat control technologies, these tools provide peace of mind while styling.


To explore TYMO's range of heat protection solutions and discover how they can improve your styling experience, visit our website or store today. Your hair deserves the best care, and TYMO is here to help you achieve stunning results while keeping your locks healthy and vibrant.

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