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The official website is filled with 4.8-star reviews like these:

I love it

Netta George - June 22, 2023

I’m a hairstylist and needed a lightweight dryer giving I’ve been having back to back flare up from an autoimmune that has been affecting my fingers and hands. It’s lightweight, good quality and been great when drying my clients hair & extensions. I’m hoping it last for years to come.

Compact yet powerful

Amanda - June 19, 2023

This hair dryer is a perfect upgrade to my previous one from Costco. The small form factor is impressive, and the all-metal matte finish make it easy to grip and visually quite pleasing.

A great cost-effective hair dryer

Andrew Pleas - June 12, 2023

After a few weeks of using, the appearance of the hair dryer actually shows the similar high-end characteristics as brands like Dyson.

Works excellent

Adam D Mascola - June 9, 2023

Exactly what I was looking for. Lots of power, lots of heat (which you can tone down if you want). Also the perfect travel size. I would definitely buy again.

A pretty, decent and handy dryer!

Sandra Johnson - June 6, 2023

Quite surprised by how powerful this little dryer is! I am usually quite picky about hair dryers and have owned quite a few, including the famous D brand. With a fraction of the price, this handy dryer does the work amazingly well, it doesn’t dry the moist out of the hair, and very small for storage and travels!

Cut dry time in half

Lauren - May 21, 2023

I have really thick hair (3c) and it usually takes me around 45 mins or so to dry my hair. This dryer has cut my dry time down to about 20 minutes. On top of that, my hair is really smooth with little to no frizz. I do get keratin treatments every 3-4 months which help with the frizz, but I normally need to blow and straighten my hair still to achieve the desired look. With this blow dryer, I haven't been straightening my hair lately because there is no frizz. I'm really surprised with how much I like it & it's not as bulky as a regular blow dryer, making it ideal for traveling. I'm only giving it 3 stars because of weight. I wouldn't say it's super heavy, mostly because I have bad hands with nerve damage, but it would be nice if they made something a little lighter for people like me. Overall, I don't need to hold this dryer as long as the normal ones, so it's still a win for me.


Patricia Masker - April 18, 2023

This dryer is light and powerful… my hair dresser recommended the Dyson (I have very thick hair) but I didn’t feel good about spending that much money on a hair dryer … so far I’ve been really impressed with the Tymo, my only complaint is more clarity is needed on temp control, once I figured it out all good. Feels like my hair dries in half the time and the blower is lighter and easier to manage.

I love this thing so much

L. Hicks - March 21, 2023

I was fully prepared to be underwhelmed and even disappointed by this, since I'd love a Dyson hair dryer but can't drop that kind of money.

Let me tell you, I was wrong. I have 2B/2C/3A fine curly hair and this dryer cut the drying time in half from 30 minutes to 15. Doesn't sound like a lot, but I have chronic pain in my shoulders and hands, and having to hold anything for long can cause lots of pain and discomfort. Not to mention, using a diffuser on a regular hair dryer creates a bulky, difficult to aim and use monstrosity. I actually got the hair at my nape dry instead of having to let it air dry.

 It's fairly lightweight, and while at full speed it's just as noisy as other hair dryers, it was a different sound, less high pitched.

I love the adjustable diffuser. At the volume height it gets right in to my roots.

Granted, it remains to be seen how long it will last, but I love it already.

Best dryer I've ever owned

Mute Mavelle - March 7, 2023

I know good tools make a difference, but I wasn't buying that the difference would be so dramatic. This hair dryer is incredible.
I can't afford a dyson. Even if I could, I don't think I could ever bring myself to drop that much money on a hair dryer. I had been curious about them though.
I came upon reviews of this dryer set and how it was the closest in performance to a dyson dryer seen yet. I decided to take the plunge.
It was an impulse buy. I wasn't expecting much. It's seriously the best item I've purchased this year. Seriously...blown away.
The biggest complaint about the dryer in dyson comparisons was that it was louder than the dyson. It probably is, but it is WAY quieter than most other hairdryers out there. It's probably the quietest hairdryer I've ever owned.
Save your money, don't buy a Dyson...buy this instead.

WoW … as good if not better than a dyson (I find it a bit more powerful) for a third of the price!

catherine S. - January 31, 2023

Was about to splurge for another dyson after mine died after 5 years.. tried this just In case.
Better than a dyson

A great cost-effective hair dryer

Aego - January 25, 2023

After a few weeks of using, I can say that the overall performance and quality of the Tymo hair dryer is really good. The appearance of the hair dryer actually shows the similar high-end characteristics as brands like Dyson. Unlike most hair dryers with low prices, its compact shape and metallic feel can really make you enjoy from using it. It also has multiple features that you can adjust temperature, wind speed, or enter the ionic mode. It's definitely worthwhile to be recommended for purchase if you are good with the price.

Works great

smart_shopper123 - January 25, 2023

Surprisedly the dryer is very small and lightweight. Compared to other dryers I used, noise is very low, and it blows hairs gently. Since my hairs are thick, I use higher temperature level, no damage to the hair, feels very comfortable.

Great Hairdryer. Worth every penny!

SweeeetNov - January 7, 2023

This hair dryer is very well built and feels solid. I have long hair that usually takes about 20 minutes to blow dry with a conventional hair dryer. This TYMO dryer fully dries my hair (pretty thick yet very fine) in 7-8 minutes! It is quiet and powerful and I was amazed to see how silky smooth and shiny my hair became after blowing dry without using any of the attachments. Definitely worth the money!


Pamela Wyant - December 2, 2022

I just purchased this hair dryer & it’s AMAZING. I have been wanting the Dyson blow dryer but not willing to pay $500+ and I’m pretty sure this dryer is pretty much the same . It’s light weight , gets super hot , comes with a magnetic diffusers ( I have curly hair so that’s a plus) & blows so much air. If you’re looking to be Bougie on budget , this is the dryer for you !!

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