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Say No to Scorching
Safe and Short-lived Drying

Tymo Hair Dryer boasts maximum 110,000 RPM and 23 m/s wind speed superior to most mainstream hair dryers, not to mention its 4 precise temperature options and 3 speed settings, etc. Speediness and No Damage is what we have been striving for.

Say No to Scorching
Safe and Short-lived Drying


For All Hair Types

TYMO Airhype


The Package Includes Three Different Nozzles

Customer Reviews

Based on 163 reviews
Susan Scott
Fastest blow dryer that I have ever used. Dried my hair in less than 15 minutes.

Very light weight, easy to handle. Wished that the writing on the handles was a little darker, or even a little bigger to see them.

Awesome dryer!

This is an awesome blow dryer! I took off one star because of a small design flaw. The temp button is placed in a bad place. When youre blow drying, you inadvertently touch the button and change the temperature. However, it has amazing power and it is not loud and obnoxious. I love it!! Wish they would have placed that button in a better place and it would be absolutely perfect! ??

Arabella McCreary
Did the job for my super long hair!!

It usually takes me FOREVER dry this much hair! It did the job

Compact yet powerful

This hair dryer is a perfect upgrade to my previous one from Costco.
I wake up everyday with a bird nest on top of my head, so a hair dryer is essential to my life. This Tymo hair dryer is a lot smaller and lighter than my previous one, making it a lot easier to travel with, yet its just as powerful as, if not more than, my previous bulky one.
The finishing quality is very high. The small form factor is impressive, and the all-metal matte finish make it easy to grip and visually quite pleasing. As an engineer, I cant help noticing that there is not a single visible screw on the surface of the hair dryer, a good sign of high-quality design and engineering efforts. This hair dryer also offers a lot more controls over the air temperature and blow power. I find 180F at medium power the perfect combination for me.
Im a guy with straight hair, so I dont use any of the attachments, but I find the magnetic attaching mechanism a nice touch.
Overall, I cant say exactly why this hair dryer is better than a Costco model of half the price, but just like comparing an iPhone to an Android, when I hold one in my hand, all the high-quality finishes, design details, and additional features just make me feel that I dont regret the purchase at all.

Sarah Co
Dy-what ?

Honestly so impressed with this machine. I was also using a cheap $30 mini hairdryer prior to this one, so I come from a long way.

I bought it in Feb '23 (reviewing in July '23), so these are my thoughts after 5 months.
Pictures show a little scratch that I have just made by dropping it from table height to a concrete floor. Tiny damage, strong build ; I know this will last me years !

Lighter than the Dyson, and in my opinion more compact and better looking (I work with hairstylists for my job). Save yourself $300 (I had bought it for $170). Also I noticed that a lot of people having the Dyson had it broken at the part that sucks in the air (the metal thing gone, the machine still functioning). Since Dyson is now facing growing competition, I don’t believe that it’s the best in the market anymore.

Now when it comes to this Tymo beauty, its functions are well thought, I use every single one of them depending on what I am doing that day ; straightening, blowing out, enhancing curls with little or high volume. It does it all. For reference I have 4A type hair.

Volume is optimal, you can blow dry your hair at 6am without being too much of a hindrance to your partner/flatmates, if not at all on the lower setting. Strongest wind is very strong indeed and dries my hair completely in 15-20mn (regular hair dryer would need double if not more).

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! The TYMO Airhype is designed with all hair types in mind, including damaged, thick, or Afro-textured hair. It's equipped with advanced features like millions of negative ions and a constant temperature control, minimizing potential damage and ensuring a gentle, efficient drying process. We aim to cater to diverse hair needs, helping everyone achieve their perfect style while prioritizing hair health. With TYMO Airhype, your hair is in good hands!

The AIRHYPE includes an LCD display that indicates temperature, speed, and ion settings, whereas the AIRHYPE Lite has two indicator lights for temperature and speed settings. Both models feature a cooling button, four temperature settings, and three speed settings.

Another significant difference lies in the accessories provided. The AIRHYPE comes with a high-end gift bag and three attachments - a comb nozzle, an adjustable diffuser, a smoothing nozzle, and a carry bag. On the other hand, the AIRHYPE Lite is supplied with only a smoothing nozzle.

While the AIRHYPE is specifically designed for salon hairstylists and professional users seeking the ultimate hair drying and styling experience, the AIRHYPE Lite offers nearly the same high performance as the AIRHYPE, making it a great entry-level choice for those wanting to experience high-speed hair drying.

The TYMO AIRHYPE hair dryer runs on a voltage range of 100–120 volts and is suited for use with US power outlets.

Absolutely. The TYMO AIRHYPE hair dryer is designed to work effectively across all hair types, including fine, thick, and curly hair. Its versatility and thoughtful design make it well-suited to handle a wide range of hair textures and styles.

Yes, starting from the date of purchase, the TYMO AIRHYPE hair dryer carries a one-year warranty. Additionally, we offer a hassle-free 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy.

The TYMO AIRHYPE operates at a volume of 69 decibels (dB). To put this into perspective, it's about as loud as a normal conversation or a vacuum cleaner in operation.

Activating the Auto-Clean feature on your TYMO AIRHYPE high-speed hair dryer is a breeze! Follow these steps:

1.Turn on your hair dryer.
2.Quickly switch it back to the OFF position.
3.Now, press and hold the airflow control switch for over 5 seconds.

The Auto-Cleaning function will activate for approximately 8 seconds. During this period, a countdown will be displayed, indicating the cleaning process. After the countdown, the hair dryer will automatically power down. It's important to remember not to attempt drying your hair while the cleaning mode is in operation.

As for the cleaning frequency, it largely depends on your usage rate and the environment where the hair dryer is used. Nonetheless, for optimal performance and extended lifespan of your hair dryer, regular activation of the auto-clean feature is recommended. If you're a daily user, a weekly cleaning routine should suffice.

The TYMO AIRHYPE hair dryer operates at a power of 1500W. This is a common wattage range for many efficient hair dryers on the market.