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  • TYMO ROVY Wave Curling Iron x1

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
May Lee
Love the waves I get!

This was my first time buying a hair crimp and I love it!! This product gives me waves that aren't too deep or too shallow. I love it!

Fatima Mimi
I love this brand..it s my favorite

Everything i bought from you is fabulous ..and very athentique and identic to your videos published on your website..i simlpy love my products

Jessica Gutierrez
The best out there!!

Honestly I used it for the first time this past Saturday for a wedding and it was the best decision I could have made I looked so sophisticated! Buy it you won’t regret it!

Love love love

Love this tool. This only took 15 mins! Took a couple strands to figure out how low to drop the iron on each strand to get the best wave. Only rating 4 stars because I wont lie it friedddd my hair lol but maybe I had heat a little too highBut the price we pay for beauty, this is something I wont use often because of that so just be careful of heat settings and use a heat protector. This is on freshly washed hair. I hear its recommended to use on day 1 or 2 hair. :)


Time consuming but so worth it! Make sure to use heat protector and I wouldn't go over 320 degrees. I also used a medium control hair spray to lock it in. I love it!!

Frequently asked questions

TheTYMO ROVY curling iron has a lowest heat setting range of 280°F to 300°F, which is ideal for soft and thin hair types.

Absolutely! The TYMO ROVY is specially designed to effectively style very thick and wavy hair, with an optimal heating temperature of 430°F for such hair types.

To select the right temperature setting on the TYMO ROVY for your hair type: use 280°F-300°F for soft and thin hair; 320°F-340°F for thin and fine or bleached hair; 360°F-370°F for dyed and dark colored hair; 390°F-410°F for normal and slightly curly hair; and 430°F for thick, curly, and wavy hair.

Absolutely. The TYMO ROVY curling iron features a heat-resistant silicone pad that prevents direct contact with the heating element. This design ensures safe use, allowing you to style your hair confidently without the risk of burns.

Yes, the TYMO ROVY is suitable for short hair as long as it is not less than 8 inches, allowing for effective styling on various hair lengths.

Absolutely, the TYMO ROVY is beginner-friendly with easy-to-follow instructions. Styling is simplified into three steps: Clamp, Release, and Repeat, enabling anyone to achieve beautiful waves with ease.

The TYMO ROVY features a 1.25-inch barrel, which creates looser waves compared to the tighter curls of a 1-inch barrel

Yes, the TYMO ROVY is equipped with dual voltage capability, allowing it to be used safely with 220V power outlets in Europe. Please note that it comes with a US standard plug, so you will need an adapter to connect it to European sockets.

The crimper has a larger heating surface area compared to traditional irons, resulting in slightly more heat exposure to the hair.
1. Use temperatures 20-80°F lower than your regular setting
2. Apply a heat protectant spray before styling.

When using the crimper, moisture from the hair doesn't evaporate slowly like with traditional curling irons. Instead, it gets trapped inside when clamped and releases instantly when opened, creating the appearance of 'smoke.
1. Use a lower heat setting and timer
2. Make sure hair is clean and dry