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• Natural Beachwave Looks
• Anti-Heat Design
• Millions Ionic Tech
• Easy for Beginner
• For All Hair Types and Lengths
• 5 Temp Settings
• LED Display
• Smart Temp Memory
• Anti-accidental Touch


Revamp Your Style with TYMO iONIC: The Ultimate in Effortless Hair Straightening Styling Brush!

Experience the revolution in hair styling with TYMO iONIC PINK Hair Straightener Brush - your new secret weapon for stunning straight hair. It uniquely combines the power of a flat iron with the simplicity of a brush. Fueled by two advanced ion generators and rapid 30-second MCH technology, it transforms your hair into silky, smooth, and shiny strands in no time. With its patented heating teeth, straightening becomes not just effortless, but a delight. Get ready to dazzle with your sleek, runway-ready hair. Step into the future of hair styling with TYMO iONIC!

Experience unmatched waves and shine with TYMO ROVY deep waver: your ultimate beach-wave tool.

Discover salon-perfect waves with TYMO ROVY Deep Waver - your essential tool for crafting sweet, stylish locks. Its unique W-shaped deep barrel, engineered for beach-sculpted waves, achieves swift, even heat-up in a short 40 seconds. The T-GLOSS™ Ceramic Coating technology radiates a dazzling shine, lessening hair damage, while the built-in 10 Million ions/cm³ negative ion system promises smooth, frizz-free hair with an extraordinary sheen. This advanced Deep Waver, with its LED display and timer function, simplifies your operation, while the fully wrapped design ensures scald-free use. With its wide range of heat settings, it caters to various hair types and features a storage lock for compact storage and a 360° rotating cord for easy maneuvering. Thanks to global dual voltage, your TYMO ROVY Deep Waver is travel-friendly. With the TYMO ROVY Deep Waver, elevate your styling game and experience the pinnacle of hair perfection.

TYMO ROVY deep waver
TYMO ROVY deep waver
TYMO ROVY deep waver
TYMO ROVY deep waver
TYMO ROVY deep waver.jpg__PID:1671d0e3-09a9-4c3d-8619-2c7c98e5a97b
TYMO ROVY deep waver

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TYMO ROVY deep waver

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Shay Powell
Game changer!!

I’m absolutely obsessed. I love the size of this beachwaver, and how quick and easy it is. It’s effortless to get perfect beach waves now. The heat up time is actual seconds! It leaves gorgeous, natural looking waves in my hair.


I love the color of this! The plates are large so large sections can be done at a time. There's an auto timer that beeps when it hits the amount of time selected so no worry about leaving it crimped too long or short. No hair pulling. The outside stays cool.to the touch. It's perfect for effortless beach waves. I did comb mine out for more of a tousled look. I did my hair (dry already) in 10 minutes which is perfect

Easy to use

Easy way to make beachy waves. The timer is convenient. I found it easy to just slide down to the next section to clamp again. My only complaint is it’s a little heavy.

jessica rose
Worth it !

This product is exactly what I was looking for. Delivers awesome waves & even has a timer on it after about 10 seconds so you don't overheat your hair

So easy to use

I love this product! It gave me such pretty waves in my hair and it was quick and easy to use.

I think my favorite part is the built in timer that beeps to tell me when to move it. That made it so easy.

Unlike other tools the metal is within the plastic shell to try and help avoid burns. The plastic still gets hot so it's not totally worry free. I like that they have a little rubberized piece at the end to give you something to hold that doesn't get hot.

The controls and display screen are great and this heated up so quickly. I was really impressed. I'm usually not one to fix my hair often but this made it so easy I plan to do my hair more often.