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• Anti-Burning Shell
• Fast Heat Up
• 9 Temp Settings
• Innovative Ionic System
• Dual Voltage For International Use
• LED Display
• 30 Minutes Auto-Off
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Get Salon-Grade Hair with TYMO RING PLUS: The 2-In-1 Straightener & Hairstyle Brush

Achieve salon-grade hair with TYMO RING PLUS - the ultimate 2-in-1 styling tool. With 9 temp settings (250℉~410℉) and an LED display, it suits all hair types and adds volume. The anti-scald shell protects your scalp and hands while creating stunning, frizz-free styles. Upgrade your hair game with TYMO RING PLUS.

A woman happily styling her curly hair using TYMO RING PLUS straightener, celebrated as Straightener of the Year with TikTokMadeMeBuyIt.


Before and after showing the effectiveness of TYMO hair straightener on a woman, transitioning from curly short to sleek straight hair.
Visual comparison of hair transformation from wavy to straight using TYMO hair straightener, showing before and after results.
Before and after of a woman's hair styled from voluminous curls to smooth straight with TYMO hair straightener.


Close-up of TYMO hair straightener's technology showcasing micro-hydration for less hair damage and moisture lock-in.
TYMO hair straightener in action, showing smoother and straighter hair after use, reducing frizz for a polished appearance.
Fast straightening with TYMO hair styling tool, transforming curly hair to sleek straight hair in half the time.


Compare the features of TYMO RING PLUS vs. TYMO RING/RING PINK straighteners detailing suitability, settings, and design benefits.



  • TYMO RING PLUS Hair Straightening Comb ×1
  • Detangling Brush ×1
  • Travel Bag ×1
  • Glove ×1
  • Hairpins ×2

Note: You may need an adapter to match the outlet when use in other countries.

Customer Reviews

Based on 481 reviews

I am SOOOO happy that I bought this!! I came across this randomly on insta and figured I’d just give it a try because I have searched and searched for an easier solution to straightening my curly, long AF hair! When I say this EXCEEDED my expectations, I say it with my chest. This is an absolute MUST buy. I am in love with this!!!! (pic is of my natural curly hair, video is using TYMO!)

Dionne Bell
All the wows are real. Believe the hype

Tired of seeing ads for this thing I decided to make a purchase despite having my hair in braids. Some 40 days later I’m asked for a review. I looked at my fresh luscious 4c was and go and decided to sacrifice my fringe.
Heat up was quick and easy and I didn’t need a heat mat as the back stayed relatively cool.
Took out a small section of my tight curls and didn’t even comb it, just let it pass through like all the ads I’d seen. And what the what now?!! I now have a long straight fringe next to my tight tiny afro. (Shrinkage is real!). One pass.

I do have straightening brush already from a different brand but with that I still have to go over with my straighteners to get a slick look not with this tymo. I genuinely didn’t believe the hype but it’s impressive.

Happy to see it with a proper moulded UK plug too.


I was definitely skeptical and fully intended on returning this because I didn’t think it would work. My hair is very frizzy and curly. Once brushed through it is huge. From start to finish it took me 13 minutes! I’ve never straightened my hair in that short period of time. I also straightened both of my daughter’s hair all within 30 minutes. That’s mine and my girls hair. One of my daughters has very thin fine hair and it took maybe 5 minutes, my other daughter has long thick slightly wavy hair and her hair only took maybe 7 minutes. You want a good straightener, this is it!

Rachel Portman
Tymo ring plus

Excellent product. Before and after photos show how good it is on permed hair


Awesome product really does what it’s supposed to do love mine! Was sceptical at first but truly blown away, I’m going to purchase the curler also

Frequently asked questions

It's incredibly simple! To obtain a blow-out hairstyle, simply flip out or flip in your hair tail while combing through the hair. You can finish layered wave hair effects with whatever you like.

Of course, you can use the TYMO RING PLUS in other countries outside of the United States. This product is dual voltage (110-240V), making it a convenient choice wherever you are. Its default plug is U.S. standard, if you order from other countries, please remember to prepare an adapter before use.

Yes, the 3D comb brush is designed to work with all hair lengths. For optimal results, TYMO RING PLUS's design allows for effective styling with just a single pass from the roots.

Definitely! TYMO RING PLUS is made to function well on a variety of hair types, including hair that is bi-racial. TYMO RING PLUS is designed for a range of hair textures.

Our straightening brush is a game-changer for thick hair. Customers with extremely thick hair have reported straightening their hair in about five minutes as opposed to hours with TYMO RING PLUS. Even the thickest hair may be straightened effectively thanks to the high heat setting.

TYMO RING Thermal Brush saves the most time to start it and heats up in just 30 seconds!

The design of it is modeled after the union of conventional straight clips and combs. In addition, the transition between conventional straight clips and combs now includes an anion anti-scald function, which further addresses the issues that conventional straight clips are unable to address.

We aim to provide you with all the tools you need for a superior styling experience. Along with the straightener brush, you'll get a heat-resistant glove, a velvet silk bag, and two large hair clips that can be used for both hairstyling and makeup application.

The TYMO RING PLUS is designed to get very close to the scalp without causing any burns. The device itself doesn't get hot to the touch. We also include a protective glove in the box for those with more sensitive hands.

It often lasts at least 2-3 days, and a significant portion of the lasting effect relies on the conditions and hair quality, according to previous customer feedback and experience.

Due to the 3D comb design and ionic technology, it wouldn't damage the child's hair or scalp when it was finished.

After utilizing our products, braiding becomes considerably simpler and quicker. It can be solved with all tangles in hair. Make sure it works through any tangles to make braiding easier.

The main difference between the TYMO Ring and the TYMO Ring Plus is that the RING PLUS features temperature displays and an ionic system, whereas the RING has 5 temperature settings and the RING PLUS has 9 temperature settings.

The U.K. and E.U. plug products cannot be purchased in the United States temporarily.