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Lite and Powerful Hair Dryer 2.0

A new generation of hair dryer that combines exceptional power and performance, this exquisite and light weight device (380g only) is equipped with a powerful brushless motor, that generates 23m/s powerful high speed airflow. 

Comparison TYMO AIRHYPE LITE hair dryer advantages over traditional dryers like faster drying and lower heat damage.
Women using TYMO AIRHYPE LITE hair dryer showcasing smooth, sleek and healthy hair compared to traditional hair dryers.


TYMO AIRHYPE LITE Hair Dryer demonstrating fast drying time for short hair in just 2-3 minutes, enhancing everyday styling efficiency.
TYMO AIRHYPE LITE Hair Dryer efficiently dries long hair in 5-7 minutes, showcasing its powerful performance for longer hairstyles.
TYMO AIRHYPE LITE Hair Dryer dries curly hair within 12-15 minutes, promoting fast and effective styling for voluminous hair.
Detailed control panel of TYMO AIRHYPE LITE, displaying four heat settings and three speed options for tailored styling.Close-up of the temperature and speed indicators on TYMO AIRHYPE LITE hair dryer, showing from low to high and cool shot feature.


Before and after results showcasing hair transformation from curly to straight using TYMO AIRHYPE LITE hair dryer.


Safety ALCI plug for TYMO AIRHYPE LITE hair dryer, and showing noise reduction feature in sleeping baby environment.



  • TYMO AIRHYPE LITE High-Speed Hair Dryer ×1
  • Smoothing Magnetic Nozzle ×1

Note: The US & CA & UK & EU standard plug is available. Due to different voltages, this product cannot be used in other countries (except the US, CA, UK, and EU)

Customer Reviews

Based on 233 reviews
Lightweight yet solid and great quality

I have been searching for lightweighted hair dryers for some time, and almost give in to buying a dyson. However, I ran into this Tymo brand and since there was a discount, I decided to give it a try. I was worried that it will feel like those cheap plastic dryers but itd proven me wrong. Although its light, you can still feel its weight (not too heavy, but solid kind of feeling). The buttons are very solid. I like how its not those traditional kind of clicky buttons, and it used the light to show its heat and speed level, makes it feel like a luxurious hair dryers. I have straight and very thick hair, so I bought the basic product without a diffuser. I usually dont use the anti frizz attachment, because other products take very long to dry my hair if I use with the attachment. But with this one, i dont have to worry about it since its wind speed is superb, while giving you a quieter sound. I usually use highest or medium temperature to dry my hair with a conventional one, but with this Tymo, i only had to use the lowest temperature and it still works very well while not damaging my hair. The only thing I wish it has is that it remembers your temperature and speed level settings. Every time I restart the dryer, it automatically go back to its default setting which is highest temp and speed. It doesnt bother me too much to press the button myself but would prefer if it remembers my previous setting. I have used it for almost two weeks now and am more than just satisfied for my purchase.

Love it

I have tried several hair dryers and I definitely prefer this one

LORD I'm in love!!!

This is my first time purchased TYMO. After seeing so many AD on Instagram I finally decided to give it a try since I need a new hair dryer because my old one was old and heavy. Oh my LORDDDDDDD I'm in love with my TYMO AIRHYPE LITE hair dryer!!! it's light and strong!!! If you have thick and long hair like mine, this is the one❤️❤️❤️

Portable and powerful!

I was blown away when I turned on this hair dryer, literally! I'm absolutely amazed by how much power it has behind it! It's very light weight and has so much power, I have really thick hair and normally it takes around 15 to 20 minutes to fully blow dry my hair, this hair dryer gets it done in under 10 minutes!

It comes with one attachment that just attaches to the front of it with magnets, it stays on very well and you just simply pull it off when done! The dryer is a lot Quiter than a normal dryer, but it makes a little higher pitch of a sound. I also love the cool setting on the dryer it can dry your hair just as well as the heat setting!

Dany Chahine
Pushes a ton of air, small and compact design

My wife has a hair dryer thats noisy, takes a good 3-4 minutes before it gets hot, and doesnt move much air. It was in the same price range as this dryer, just purchased from a major store.

I decided to give this hair dryer a try for her and she has enjoyed it. Not only is this dryer smaller (along with its power plug), but it moves more air than her major brand dryer. It moves so much air that I use it to clean out my gaming keyboard on the cold air setting.

The heat works near instantly and doesnt have a warmup period. The attachment is magnetic and doesnt requiring rotating it screwing in to securely hold it. The magnets holding the attachment are strong yet still easy enough to remove.

She hasnt had any complaints with this dryer and neither have I. She can dry her hair without waking the whole house up and I can stop buying cans of compressed air to clean my gaming keyboard. Im waiting for my desktop to get dusty so I can use this to blow it out.

The dryer is more compact and travel friendly. She took it on a business trip and said it was as small as the tiny built-in hotel one, just much more powerful and quiet. Surprisingly, weve both gotten use out of this.

Her, and my, only complaint is the back control. You slide it up to turn the dryer on. The first setting turns on the heat, the top setting turns it off. The front buttons control fan speed and heat level, when set to heat. Its easy to move the slider all the way up to the top, which is the cold air setting. It would have been nice to just slide it up to one position to turn it on, then use the front heat control. Press it once to enable heat, twice to set the heat to medium, three times to high heat, and a fourth time to turn the heat off.

Other than that, and its a small complaint, this has been a great hair dryer that my wife and I have gotten use out of, just for different purposes. I highly recommend this dryer. It is price competitive with bigger names that perform worse. Save your money and get this instead.

Frequently asked questions

Due to different voltages, AIRHYPE LITE GREY cannot be used in other countries except the US, CA, UK, and EU, you need to pay attention to the differences between countries. For example, the US standard is only available in the US, and the EU standard is only available in Europe.

Of course! The TYMO AIRHYPE LITE is designed with all hair types in mind, including damaged, thick, or Afro-textured hair. It's equipped with advanced features like 100 million negative ions and 4-heat & 3-speed control, minimizing potential damage and ensuring a gentle, efficient drying process.

The AIRHYPE LITE has two indicator lights for temperature and speed settings, whereas the AIRHYPE includes an HD display that indicates temperature, speed, and ion settings. Both models feature a cooling button, four temperature settings, and 3-speed settings.

Another significant difference lies in the accessories provided. The AIRHYPE LITE is supplied with only a smoothing nozzle. On the other hand, the AIRHYPE comes with a high-end gift bag and three attachments - a comb nozzle, an adjustable diffuser, a smoothing nozzle, and a carry bag.

While the AIRHYPE is specifically designed for salon hairstylists and professionals. AIRHYPE LITE offers excellent value for money.

Yes. The TYMO AIRHYPE LITE hair dryer is designed to work effectively across all hair types, including fine, thick, and curly hair. Its versatility and thoughtful design make it well-suited to handle a wide range of hair textures and styles.

Yes, starting from the date of purchase, we offer a one-year warranty for the TYMO AIRHYPE LITE hair dryer. Additionally, we offer a hassle-free 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy.

The TYMO AIRHYPE LITE equipped with an innovative silent brushless motor and noise-insulated shell design reduces wind noise by 80%. It's about as loud as a normal conversation or a vacuum cleaner in operation.

The TYMO AIRHYPE LITE hair dryer operates at a power of 1500W. This is a common wattage range for many efficient hair dryers on the market.