How to Fix Flyaways When Straightening Your Hair?

how to get rid off flyaways when straightening your hair

Flyaways hair is hard to tame. These little unruly strands can ruin your overall look when exposed to heat and harsh chemicals. Sometimes, the stray hairs stick out to create a frizzy appearance. While you may be tempted to pluck the wayward strands or coat them with hair spray, these subtle changes may weaken your hair. If you want a permanent solution to deal with flyaways, you should incorporate TYMO hairstyling styling tools and products into your routine. With the right combination, you'll achieve smoother and more manageable hair. This article will discuss how to get rid of flyaways when straightening your hair.


What Causes Flyaways When Straightening Hair?

The easiest explanation for flyaways is dry hair. When your hair lacks moisture during straightening, the cuticles become raised leading to more flyaways. Your hairstyle also plays a significant role in the occurrence of these little rouge hairs. The outer layer of the hair shaft can resist the effects of straightening if your hair is curly or wavy. Other reasons include:

Blonde damaged flyaways hair.


Excessive heat

Using high temperatures to straighten your hair can cause flyaways - some straighteners can weaken the cuticles.

Product buildup

Silicone-based styling products can create uneven areas (clumps) that make your hair resistant to styling.

High humidity

Too much moisture when straightening your hair can disrupt the sleekness leading to flyaways.

Static electricity

A straightening tool can cause friction between the hair strands. When your hair is filled with negatively charged electrons instead of positive charges, flyaways can occur.  


Choosing the Right Tools to Combat Flyaways

You must use the right hairstyling tools to keep flyaways at bay while minimizing the damage. Whether it's adding volume, curling, or straightening, the right tools will tame unruly hair.

The TYMO hair straightener brush will smooth down flyaways with minimal effort. It features an elegant design and works on diverse hairstyles. Even better, this brush neutralizes static electricity to create polished hairstyles. This unique tool comes with 3D teeth to ensure rookie users achieve professional results.


Step-by-Step Guide to Straightening Hair Without Flyaways


Clean the hair

After washing your hair with a moisturizing shampoo, pat dry it with a microfiber towel.

Spray a heat protectant

Apply heat protectant evenly to shield the hair strands from damage. Pay attention to areas where the damage is likely to occur (mid-lengths and ends).

Preheat the straightening tool

Turn on the straightening tool to the desired temperature by following the manufacturer's instructions. Next, divide your hair into manageable sections to ensure equal heat distribution. With TYMO PORTA PRO hair straightener, you cannot burn your air by any chance.

Straightening Hair Without Flyaways With TYMO PORTA PRO


Straighten each section

Start from the hair roots and glide the straightener towards the ends. You can now work your way up to the top layers. Focus on areas with flyaways, especially along the hairline.

Use a fine hair straightener brush

Use a TYMO hair straightening brush to smooth down the remaining flyaways.

Finish with hair treatment

Apply TYMO Treatment Hair Oil to add shine. Use a small amount to ensure your hair doesn't appear greasy.

Maintain your style

Say hello to dreamy styles with the TYMO Hairstyling treatment. It will lock in lasting moisture and won't disrupt your straightened style. You can now flaunt your bouncy, soft hair.


Additional Tips to Prevent Flyaways

Getting rid of flyaways goes beyond straightening. Here are a few tips to follow:


Use the right product (shampoo and conditioner)

Look for specially formulated products that hydrate your hair. Use a shampoo at least once a week. Additionally, use lightweight formulas that won't leave your hair feeling greasy.

Brushing techniques

The right brushing technique will minimize flyways and reduce breakage. Always start from the roots and work your way up. Additionally, you should brush your hair using gentle strokes - avoid yanking on the knots.

Limit heat styling

Excessive heat can lead to flyaways. Therefore, you should minimize using curling irons and other heat hairstyling tools.

Schedule regular trims

Remove split ends that contribute to flyaways every 6-8 weeks. This will keep your hair smooth and manageable.



Flyaways hair can pop up for different reasons, including heat damage, lack of moisture, product buildup, and static electricity. Thin hair is also susceptible to flyaways. To manage unruly, static, or flyaway hair, you should straighten your hair with a comb. Furthermore, you ought to incorporate high-quality styling products into your routine. Don't forget to use the right brushing techniques.

Ready to keep your hair healthy and looking at its best? It's time you try the TYMO PORTA Pro hair straighter to tame those curly baby hairs and achieve a professional shine.

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