Troubleshooting TYMO PORTA: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Portable Straightener

by Rachel TYMO
Troubleshooting TYMO PORTA: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Portable Straightener

Hello TYMO Beauty enthusiasts!

Our TYMO PORTA portable straightening comb has received a lot of positive reviews. While many of you have praised its portability and performance, we've noticed a few recurrent questions. Today, we'll address these concerns and assist you in realizing the full potential of your TYMO PORTA.

Problem 1: I can't turn on the device. Don't worry, your TYMO PORTA isn't broken! It has a safety lock that must be removed before the first use. Simply unplug the safety lock to get started. Here's a helpful [video tutorial] to help you get started.

Safety Lock

Pro Tip: For optimal performance, we recommend completely charging your TYMO PORTA before using it for the first time.

Problem 2: When turned on, the TYMO PORTA does not get hot enough. The TYMO PORTA can reach 395°F, which should be suitable for a wide range of hair types. Keep an eye on the indication light: if it is blinking, the comb has not yet achieved the degree of heat you have specified. You're ready to style once the lights turn on and stop flashing!

Important Note: Being a wireless product, TYMO PORTA may not sustain high-power output for extended periods, unlike its wired counterparts. Its main advantage lies in its portability, allowing you to touch up your hair anytime, anywhere. If you require long periods of high heat, consider our range of wired straightening combs.

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Additional Tip for Coarse or Thick Hair

If you have especially coarse or thick hair, you may need to change your styling approach significantly. Consider prolonging the time you allow the comb to stay in place on your hair while curling or straightening. Alternatively, for a more polished finish, run the comb through the same piece again.


We hope this article clears up any confusion you may have had concerning your TYMO PORTA. Remember, we're here to make your beauty routine easier, more effective, and more fun!

Please contact us if you have any other questions or concerns.

Have fun styling!