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Unleash Your Style On-The-Go: Discover the Versatility of TYMO PORTA Cordless Hair Styler Brush!

Elevate your style with TYMO PORTA - your ultimate pocket-sized hair styler brush. Its distinctive 3D comb design, coupled with advanced MCH heating and Ionic technologies, imparts a healthy shine and smooth finish. With three heat settings tailored for 1 to 3C hair types, it offers a 30-minute styling window. Rechargeable and travel-friendly, TYMO PORTA keeps your look refined and radiant, no matter where you are.

Quick styling with TYMO PORTA cordless hair straightener in car, demonstrating five-minute on-the-go hair styling for busy lifestyles.MCH and Ionic Technology for hair care, showcasing before and after results on woman's hair with TYMO PORTA cordless hair straightener.SEM test photos of hair strands before and after using TYMO PORTA cordless hair straightener, showing no heat damage and enhanced hair structure.
Showcase diverse hairstyles using TYMO PORTA cordless hair straightener with a woman featuring waves and another with a sleek bob.
Demonstration of versatile hairstyles created with TYMO PORTA cordless hair straightener, featuring women with curly and blonde bob styles.
TYMO PORTA cordless hair straightener with three temperature settings for different hair types, displayed along with hair examples for each setting.TYMO PORTA cordless hair straightener highlighting features like anti-scald design, battery indicators for different levels, and a 30-minute auto-off function.Use TYMO PORTA cordless hair straightener anywhere, showcasing its versatility in business, travel, home, and dating scenarios.TYMO PORTA cordless hair straightener with USB charging design, highlighting the convenience of charging with a computer or portable battery.


cordless hair straightener brush


KOL Thuraya Altai, a popular influencer with 410K followers, approves TYMO PORTA cordless hair straightener, showing it in her car.
KOL Amanda Pultano, achieving 320K views, using and approving a TYMO PORTA cordless hair straightener in her car.
KOL Mikan, with 327K followers, styling her hair using a TYMO PORTA cordless hair straightener at home.
KOL Samantha Nicole, holding a TYMO PORTA cordless hair straightener, smiles with approval in her car.
KOL Madi Westbrooke, with 186K followers, using a TYMO PORTA cordless hair straightener in her car, looking satisfied.
KOL LeslieInes, with 81.9K followers, happily using a TYMO PORTA cordless hair straightener, showcasing her shiny hair.
KOL Lauren Norris, outdoor with 297K followers, points to her TYMO PORTA cordless hair straightener, smiling brightly.
KOL JustAli, with 132K views, holding a TYMO PORTA cordless hair straightener, looking pleased.


  • TYMO PORTA Hair Straightener ×1
  • Travel bag ×1
  • Hairpins ×2
  • USB Type-C Charge Cable x1
  • Power Supply US Plug x1
  • Flight Mode Plug x1

Note for International Orders: This product includes a Type-C charging cable and a US-standard USB-C charger. Non-US customers may require an adapter for seamless compatibility.

Customer Reviews

Based on 455 reviews
Recommend :)

Some time ago I bought a Tymo Porta brush, my main intention to buy it is to travel frequently and carrying the straightener is not always convenient. The Tymo brush charges quickly and heats up just as quickly.It's small so I can always take it with me when traveling. The great carrying case makes it easy to transport.
I recommend hair styling has never been so easy as with the Tymo Porta brush :)

Kimberly J. Donnelly
My new Fav hair tool!!

Tried it out as soon as I got it and charged it!! I love that is small, wireless and fast, I have a lit hair and it very long and I was done in like 10 mins.

Maria Sanna
Tymo porta black

Great product. I love that is portable.
My hair is thick and crispy I don’t use an hair straightener anymore has it dryer my hair but this Portable brush it’s great.

Great for shorter hair too

I bought this because a few nasty storms in my area have caused some power outages, so I wanted something I could charge elsewhere & use in my car if needed. I really had low expectations, partly because I assumed something without a cord would be lower power & also because I have a LOT of hair & even my regular straightener takes forever. Well, I tried this out & now I think I like it better than my normal straightener. I've never tried a brush-style straightener & was very surprised at how my hair felt afterwards (I didn't want to stop lol) and it also added some volume, which was unexpected. I definitely recommend trying it, even if you have short hair (this even gets the little hairs at the neckline & near ears).

My only criticism is that the plug that goes in the bottom is SO tiny & easy to lose. It seems like this could be on a string or something since it's such an important piece - it not only covers the charge port but it also disables it when not in use so it can't heat up in your luggage/purse if the button is bumped.


I purchased the porta when it was on sale. I had been hesitant before as the reviews were hit or miss and I did not want to just throw $90 out the window. Well, it works! I have medium length hair just past my shoulders and I can do my head at least twice going slow as I run the hair through the comb. If this is out the cordless mini is, then I can only imagine how great the Porta Pro is!

Frequently asked questions

The PORTA hair straightener brush is designed for quick and efficient styling. It takes just 2 minutes and 30 seconds to heat up to its highest temperature of 395°F, allowing you to get your hair looking fabulous in no time!

We understand your concern! The reason your PORTA might not be working initially is because of the "flight mode plug" safety feature. Before your first use, make sure to remove this safety lock (flight mode plug). Once the plug is removed, your straightening brush will work perfectly. This feature is in place to ensure the product's safety during transportation. Enjoy using your straightening brush : )

The PORTA offers 3 temperature settings that fit all hair types. The high temperature reaches up to 395°F. Especially effective for hair styling, ensuring a smooth and sleek finish.

Our PORTA hair straightener brush can help tame frizz and flyaways that often come with high humidity. However, for the best long-lasting results, we recommend using a finishing product that is designed to combat humidity.

You can charge the Porta up to 50% battery in around 90 minutes. 2.5 hours are required to fully charge 100%.

Our return policy allows for returns within a specified period, provided the item is in its original packaging. If you have discarded the box, we encourage you to contact our customer service team to explore your options.

It is lightweight, weighing only 234 grams (0.51 lbs), and its compact ergonomic design that makes it simpler to hold with the palm, and the innovative tooth comb design enables beginners to create beautiful hairstyles more quickly.

Customers like Ka Honor have reported being able to style their hair in as little as 15 minutes, making it a speedy solution for those on-the-go mornings.

For optimal results, it's best to start with dry hair. This way, you'll find that the PORTA works more effectively and efficiently.

Our TYMO PORTA hair straightener brush comes equipped with multiple safety features to ensure your peace of mind while styling. These include a safety lock to prevent accidental power-ups, an anti-scald design to protect you from burns, and an automatic 30-minute auto-off feature if the device is not in use. All of these are implemented to prioritize your safety while delivering fabulous hair results.

The difference is cordless and corded when using, The TYMO PORTA is more convenient to use outdoors, and The TYMO RING is more suitable for indoor use. The comb design and heating temperature are also different.