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TYMO Airhype
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Maintaining the hydration of your hair is essential for its overall health and strength,
particularly if you have fine or thinning hair.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Awesome dryer!

This is an awesome blow dryer! I took off one star because of a small design flaw. The temp button is placed in a bad place. When you’re blow drying, you inadvertently touch the button and change the temperature. However, it has amazing power and it is not loud and obnoxious. I love it!! Wish they would have placed that button in a better place and it would be absolutely perfect! ❤️

Shelly Wyatt
Great for curly hair - Hair dry in about 12 minutes! And with more bounce!

This hairdryer is amazing for curly hair. I have 3a curls and mostly use the Curly Girl method to style my curls. I just got this hair dryer on sale and I am so sorry I didn't get this dryer sooner. I tried it for the first time today and I am in love. To style I used MopTop products (leave-in conditioner, styling custard) and Righteous Roots to scrunch out the crunch.
I don't usually leave reviews but I noticed that no one had said anything about the settings to use for curly hair. So here is what I used today: 180F with medium air flow. Worked great for me (I attached photo). My curls were bouncier and, best of all, it only took about 12 minutes to dry my hair. I am AMAZED! This is going to make washing and styling my hair on work days so much faster! With my previous diffuser hair dryer it took me about 30 minutes to dry my hair. So, this dryer is an amazing upgrade!

Kathryn Magendie
Nicely packaged; beautiful hair dryer

This is packaged very well for gift giving, or if you like things that are beautifully packaged. The box could be kept to put something in it as it is sturdy and has the magnetized closure thing. I wish I had not cut mine while opening the outer packaging so that line you see on the box is from me and not the company.

The hair dryer is quite sleek and beautiful. Has LCD display. It’s a little loud but that doesn’t bother me. Has several heat settings including a cool shot. The cool shot is a separate button, though you can lower the temp otherwise without using that button and have the same low temp.

Though it sounds like a lot of air is coming out, it really doesn’t blow a lot of air so that your hair is flying all over the place and that’s one of the things I like about this hairdryer — it dries my hair without a lot of air blowing it around, and that makes my hair look shiny and sleek.

Comes with a diffuser, a comb attachment, and a localized direction attachment. There is also a nice velvet bag to put everything in. Would be small enough for travel, and the bag would help with that. The diffuser is pretty big and I’d not use the comb attachment so those can go, but you may like these additions.

The attachments have magnets for ease of attaching.

A great blow dryer

This Tymo blow dryer is the real deal. It cuts my drying time in half. It's quiet and lightweight, and it comes with great accessories, like a comb for drying straight hair, and a diffuser for curls. I really like the cool shot feature, which I use after I put on mascara to set it. Although I only need the high heat to dry my hair before using the curling iron, the different heat options and speeds will allow me to try out different styles with more confidence. On my initial use, I discovered that the highest speed is too high: it blows my thick, straight hair so hard that it winds up knotty and unruly, so I had to reduce the speed to the second of three speed levels which seems, for me, to be the sweet spot. Overall, this is a really great product.

Airhype lives up to the hype!

This thing is AWESOME!

My old blow dryer was a Conair about 5+ years old, and this airhype blows that out of the water by FAR.

The product seems well made. It has some weight to it without being bulky or overly large. The LED display gives you indications for what speed your on and displays the temp as well. There are very few buttons, so it’s not confusing or complicated. It’s easy to switch between cool shot or blow drying.

This thing gets hot! I could not use the highest temp, it felt like it was burning my scalp. If you had longer hair you might be able to use that higher heat on the ends. For me I have short curly hair so I only have used the diffuser. This diffuser is one of the coolest I’ve seen, it has a slide on the side so you can make the tips on the diffuser higher to help give more volume when drying! I’ve never seen that and felt so excited that it had that hidden feature for us curly girls!

Blow drying has never been my method of choice. My hair always looks less frizzy when air dried. However, with the winter coming I can’t always afford to leave the house with wet hair in cold temps. I can’t say this made my hair less frizzy than usual when drying, but it is wicked fast. I mean my head was 90% dry in probably 3-4 minutes. It would have taken longer for sure with my old hair dryer.

This comes with several attachments that all click on magnetically. Super easy to switch out but they stay out once on. It also has a great little velvety storage bag to keep it all contained when not in use. I thought that was a nice extra! There is also a Velcro cord minder too to keep it all under wraps when storing.

This thing is awesome! I’m exceptionally pleased and think you would be too. I highly recommend!!!