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Comb Nozzle for TYMO AIRHYPE LITE Dryer

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Take naturally textured or curly hair to the next level with the TYMO magnetic comb nozzle, compatible with the AIRHYPE Lite hair dryer.

Suggested Usage
-Use TYMO TREATMENT HAIR OIL before styling to protect your hair.
-Attach comb nozzle to the TYMO AIRHYPE Lite hair dryer to prepare hair for a lifted and blown out finish from root to tip.


best blow dryer with comb attachmentbest blow dryer with comb attachment

Why It's a Favorite

The blow dryer comb attachment from TYMO is an ideal complement to your Airhype Lite hair dryer, designed specifically to lengthen your hair. Its heat-resistant, elongated teeth enable you to approach the root and gradually glide your hair through. Not only does this accessory expedite drying time, but it also focuses on yielding potent results, resulting in long, luxurious hair with minimal heat damage.

Comb Attachment for Hair DryerComb Attachment for Hair Dryer
blow dryer comb attachmentblow dryer comb attachment

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Krystal Lampkin

I really like the dryer and attachment my clients love it as well. I’ve only used it on myself once and it gave me a great foundation for my silk press. Looking forward to buying more from the line

Tychelle King
Love it

I love this hair dryer and the comb nozzle. It dried my hair very quick and straighten it with a shine. I love the light weight of it was well.

Caroline Mwiilu
It's handy and easy to use

Perfect for toddlers

shontell b
Can't Touch This

This hair dryer is the real deal! It's small with amazing power and don't forget the magnetic comb attachment. That was a smart idea to make the attachment magnetic. I hate that generic attachment on other dryer that always com off while blow drying. It usually takes about an hour to blow dry my daughter's hair but with this it's in half the time and it gets her hair so straight and silky soft. Great product and the price point is worth every penny.

Teresa Branison

This was a good investment. Dryer I can get very hot.. now I don’t mind blow drying my hair.