Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Is it BPA free/FDA approved?
A:To ensure our milk frother is safe to use, we've designed it to be BPA free and gotten FDA approval.

Q:Does it froth non-dairy milks?
A:Yes,it works with Almond milk & oat milk.

Q:Does it froth enough?
A:Like about half a cup, 4 ounce roughly, whether hot or cold. The foam is pretty firm, should be enough in most of the cases.

Q:Why does it keep over flowing?
A:There are minimum and maximum levels etched inside the container for when initially pouring in your milk (note they are different depending on whether you are warming or frothing) and perhaps you are going above the maximum level.

Q:How long it takes to steam?
A:1 to 2 min.

Q:Is it loud?
A:Not loud at all. If it were not for the light indicating it is on, you could not tell it was working. Very quiet.

Q:How many total whisks?
A:Two, a small one attaches to the lid to use when just heating or cooling milk.