Frequently Asked Questions

Q:I would like one massager with multiple function. Does this massager work well for my neck, lower back, upper back, shoulders, calves and thighs?
A:Yes, totally it can be! Our 3D versatile pillow massager ergonomically designed to merge with the contours of your body for a perfect fit.

Q:I have upper back and shoulder pain mostly and work in an office and am wondering if this device works well in an office chair?
A:Yes, absolutely! You may need an extension cord for a longer reach, but it is light and very adaptable to the lower, upper back and shoulder.
Q:Can the massager be used with out the heat?
A:Yes, heat can be turned on and off.

Q: What is the plug standard of this product? 
A: The plug is US standard only. You may need an appropriate adaptor to the standard of destination country.

Q:Can an average weight person sit on this for sciatica pain in upper legs?
A:Most definitely. However you will have to find your comfort zone with this machine because it is Extra Strong.