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• Upgrade Plug-Use Mode
• Cordless & Portable Design
• Upgrade 200 Million Ionic
• Discover Versatile Hairstyles
• MCH Heating Tech
• 3 Temp Settings
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TYMO PORTA PRO PINK electric hair brush offers both wired and wireless modes, ensuring unrestricted styling.

Transform Your Hair Instantly with TYMO PORTA PRO PINK Electric Hair Brush

Upgrades in TYMO PORTA PRO PINK over TYMO PORTA PINK, including enhanced battery life and increased ionic output.


Brown-haired woman using TYMO PORTA PRO PINK, transforming frizzy hair into sleek and stylish locks.
Woman using TYMO PORTA PRO PINK electric hair brush in a car, showcasing a before-and-after comparison.
A woman using TYMO PORTA PRO PINK hair straightening brush pulled from her travel bag, creating layered curls with noticeable volume.
Anti-frizz Straight
Layered Waves
Anti-frizz Straight
TYMO PORTA PRO PINK featuring T-Gloss ceramic coating and ionic technology, showing before-and-after results on hair.Comparison of hair strand SEM test results before and after using TYMO PORTA PRO PINK, showing no heat damage.
TYMO PORTA PRO PINK hair straightening brush with a central power button, and LED indicators for multiple temperature settings.TYMO PORTA PRO PINK electric hair brush displaying battery indicator levels for corded and cordless mode.TYMO PORTA PRO PINK hair straightener with safety lock, flight mode plug, and auto-off feature for enhanced care and safety.
A hand holding TYMO PORTA PRO PINK hair straightener, highlighting its comfortable and ergonomic grip design.
TYMO PORTA PRO PINK hair straightener with a 40-second quick heat-up feature, ideal for quick styling.
Close-up of TYMO PORTA PRO PINK hair straightener with a precision tooth comb.
TYMO PORTA PRO PINK electric hair brush includes a flight mode plug, designed for safe and convenient use while traveling.
TYMO PORTA PRO PINK hair styler includes a 65W fast charger, providing quick charging to optimize hair styling routine.
Dimensions and weight of TYMO PORTA PRO PINK electric hair brush, emphasizing its lightweight design.
TYMO PORTA PRO PINK hair straightener with a compact, travel-friendly design, perfect for styling hair on the go.


cordless hair straightener brush


Influencer Arielpeche, with 25k followers, using the TYMO PORTA PRO PINK to curl her hair, smiling cheerfully.
Influencer Maryam Alnasiri, with 109k followers, straightening her hair with TYMO PORTA PRO PINK in the car.
Influencer Alliecheeto, with 159.7k followers, using TYMO PORTA PRO PINK at her own house.
Influencer Officially Francesca, with 303k followers, capturing her glossy blonde hair after using TYMO PORTA PRO PINK.
Influencer Medicalmermaid, with 51.2k followers, showcasing TYMO PORTA PRO PINK after using the product, delighted with the results.
Influencer Okiciaa presenting TYMO PORTA PRO PINK to her audience, viewed by 20k people.


  • TYMO PORTA PRO Hair Straightener×1
  • Travel Bag ×1
  • Hairpins ×2
  • Type-C Charge Cable x1
  • 65W Class 2 Power Supply x1
  • Flight Mode Plug x1

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Cindy Godfrey
Worth it

I have to admit, these are genuinely great!👏🏻
If you want a bit more volume with it, pass underneath, from the root, down!

Syeda Sidra Hasnain
Very different than a regular straightener

I saw one of ins videos and ordered it last week. Have used it for 3 times and I must say I absolutely love it! It’s very different than a regular straightener. It styles my hair so much better. Love it!

Vic in the Lou
5.0 out of 5 stars LOVE the Porta Pro Mini

I love the Tymo Porta Pro Mini! It can be used cordless or corded. It is the perfect size for my shoulder length fine hair. It fits well in my hand. I can add a curl or flip with the smaller size and it doesn't burn my hand or head. I use it on the second setting. I also like that it straightens my very wavy hair.

Ellie Watson

I have always had thin, wavy/curly hair with short baby hairs around my face that have been so hard to straighten. I can spend truly an hour straightening my hair just to walk outside and it become frizzy/curly again or miss a spot in the back… today I got mine in the mail and immediately tried it. I didn’t think it would really work, BUT I’ve been so desperate to find something to tame my curly baby hairs and this IS IT!!!!! I’m amazed. I got the plug in AND the on the go. And will always make sure to promote these products!

Tyra Wimberly
Best Product for my car when I'm on the go!

I love this brush! I work in 2 places - in the high winds of West Texas and the Salty Air of the MS Gulf Coast! My hair is often a mess when I get back in the car from showing homes. This brush heats up quick, smoothes my hair and gives it the bounce it needs to look good again. It's easy to keep in the car becomes it comes in a compact zipper bag. I keep it in my car door bottom holder.

Frequently asked questions

TYMO PORTA only offers a cordless mode. TYMO PORTA PRO has both cordless and corded modes, making it suitable for usage at home or on the move. Furthermore, TYMO PORTA PRO has improved the ionic 200 million technology to achieve anti-frizz outcomes.

TYMO PORTA PRO produces 200 million negative ions per cubic centimeter when used. When heated, the innovative ceramic heating tooth comb causes no thermal damage to the hair scales. The trial resulted in 0% hair damage. (*Intertek Laboratory)

The time required to completely charge the gadget varies according to the power of the charger used. If you use a PD or QC3.0 support adapter, the charge time is around 2 hours. However, charging your computer or other devices could take more than 6 hours.

TYMO PORTA PRO is a curved edge design that allows you to flexibly modify your hairstyles, including straight hair, curved hair, and wavy hair. The TYMO patent sandwich-heated tooth comb design offers greater styling options.

TYMO PORTA PRO features over 2 million negative ions and may swiftly detangle frizzy hair while reducing heat damage, leaving frizzy hair looking shinier and softer.

TYMO PORTA PRO may be utilized cordlessly from anywhere in the world. The corded mode supports international voltage. If you bought a different plug, you may need an adapter.